NTNU Nano is an overall, strategic initiative with the objective to coordinate and promote research within nanotechnology, nanoscience and functional materials at NTNU.

The present home page is currently under revision.

Research at the nanolevel is by virtue most often cross disciplinary. Thus, NTNU Nano seeks to assist the initiation of cross disciplinary projects and proposals by creating relevant meeting arenas for scientists at different departments and faculties at NTNU. You may learn more about the research at NTNU within nanotechnology, nanoscience and functional materials here.

Our cleanroom, NTNU NanoLab, is part of the initiative NTNU Nano. The facility NanoLab has its own staff and director. NTNU NanoLab is an open access, hands-on facility for students and researchers. It is also the leader of the national infrastructure "Norwegian Micro- and Nanofabrication Facility", NorFab.  More information about NTNU NanoLab can be found here.


Kavli Prize events at NTNU

The Kavli Prize is awarded every second year by The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters at a ceremony in Oslo, Norway.

After the ceremony in Oslo, a number of the laureates in Nanoscience and Neuroscience travel to Trondheim and NTNU to give official prize lectures and participate in the Kavli Prize Events on Thursday 8 September.The same day there will be held a Kavli Prize Symposia in Nanoscience. Program for the Kavli Prize Symposia in Nanoscience. Read more about the Kavli Prize events at NTNU

Scandem 2016

The 67th SCANDEM conference  of the Nordic Microscopy Society took place at NTNU in Trondheim Norway June 7-10 2016. Read more about the conference

Cleanroom information

NTNU Nano Symposium 2018

Time: November 28-29
Place: Akrinn (former "Teknologibygget" at Kalvskinnet) NTNU
Registration deadline: 08:00 November 26, 2018

Download abstracts for the symposium here

The Nordic Nanolab User Meeting 2019, NNUM 2019 

Time: May 7-8
Place: DTU, Copenhagen, Denmark