Project completed NTNU Nano

This project is completed. The Enabling Technology NTNU Nano lasted from 2011 to 2023.
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Publications within NTNU Nano

Publications within NTNU Nano

– NTNU Papers related to nanoscience, nanotechnology and functional materials
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Nanorelated NTNU publications 2022

Nanorelated NTNU publications 2022

Akola, J.; Konstantinou, K.; Jones, R. O. Density Functional Simulations of a Conductive Bridging Random Access Memory Cell: Ag Filament Formation in Amorphous GeS2, Physical Review Materials 2022, 6 (3).

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Clos, D. P.; Zedel, H.; Johnsen, S. G.; Nekså, P.; Aune, R. E. Composition and Structure Analysis of Hard Grey Scale (HGS) Formed on Cold Surfaces Exposed to Aluminium Production Off-Gas. JOM 2022.,

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Nanorelated NTNU publications from previous years

Nanorelated NTNU publications from previous years

Download a list of NTNU papers related to nanoscience, nanotechnology and functional materials in 2021 may be found here.

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