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                                            16 - 17 October 2019, Trondheim


Welcome to the Norwegian NanoSymposium 2019!

Welcome to the Norwegian NanoSymposium 2019!

We are delighted to announce the first ever meeting of the Norwegian NanoSymposium. 

Nanoscience is the hidden engine behind many of the most exciting developments in modern technology. During this two-day meeting, you will see how nanoscale materials, devices and processes are helping to solve some of mankind’s biggest challenges. The programme will include talks from internationally leading scientists and early-stage researchers in many areas of research, including fundamental nanoscience, medicine, energy, and the environment. Other activities will include networking lunches, poster sessions, and a conference dinner. The best oral presentation and poster will be awarded 5000 NOK in travel support to an international conference!

Our aim is to hold a fun, friendly and informal meeting covering all areas of nanoscience, where students and researchers from many disciplines can meet together, share ideas and make new contacts.

Thanks to sponsorship from NTNU Nano, the NanoNetwork and the Research Council of Norway, there is no participation fee, but you will need to register your attendance using the link on the right hand side.

We look forward to welcoming you in Trondheim in October!

Wednesday Oct 16

09:00 Opening followed by presentations
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Presentations
17:00 Poster session
19:00 Social event downtown in Trondheim

 Thursday Oct 17

09:00 Presentations
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Presentations
16:00 Panel debate: "What's next for Nano?"
17:00 Presentations
19:00 Conference dinner at the Quality Panorama Hotel

Friday Oct 18
09:00 Guided tours to NTNU NanoLab, The Atomprobe of MiMac and NorTEM. All three facilities are located in Chemistry building 1.

A preliminary programme may be downloaded here

Confirmed invited speakers:

  • Erik Reimhult, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria; "Design and synthesis of nanoparticles for biotechnology and medicine"
  • Athanassia Athanassiou, Istituto Italiano di tecnología, Italy; "The future of Materials: Smart, Functional, Sustainable."
  • Mikael Fogelström, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden; New materials, new phases, and new functionalities on the nanoscale
  • Willem Mulder, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, USA; "Taking control of innate immunity with nanobiologics"
  • Manish K. Tiwari, University College London, England; "Precise and scalable nanomanufacturing of surfaces"
  • Lasse Vines, University of Oslo, Norwa; "Using point defects in semiconductors for quantum technology"
  • Bodil Holst, University of Bergen, Norway; "Matter Waves and More"
  • Kaiying Wang, University of South East Norway; "Black silicon fabrication and its applications"
  • Olav Gaute Hellesø, University of Tromsø, Norway; "Nanooptics for trapping and analysis of nanoparticles"
  • Olena Zavorotynska, University of Stavanger, Norway; "Chasing hydrogen with photons and neutrons"
  • Pawel Sikorski, NTNU, Norway; "Challenges in using  nanofabricated structures to study living systems"
  • Vegar Ottesen, NTNU, Norway
  • Sofie Snipstad, NTNU, Norway; "Nanomedicine and sonopermeation for treatment of cancer and brain disease"
  • Svein Sunde, NTNU, Norway; "Core-shell electrocatalysts for energy applications"
  • De Chen, NTNU Norway



Links to the abstracts for the oral presentations and posters are given below.

Presentations on Wednesday, October 16

Presentations on Thursday, October 17


The Norwegian Nano Symposium is supported by:

The Norwegian Nano Symposium is supported by: