Student Counselling

If you need advice or counselling concerning your studies here at the IV-faculty, you should contact the student advisor responsible for your study programme. All the student advisors, as well as a reception area for general questions from students, can be found in the Geology building at the Gløshaugen campus. All the student advisors are responsible for one or more of our study programmes.

What can your student advisor help you with?

Your student advisor can provide information about your study programme, information concerning rules and regulations at NTNU, give personal counselling, answer questions concerning studies, choice of study profiles and so on. Anything you discuss with your student advisor is confidential, and you may contact your advisor anonymously if you wish.

For questions concerning individual courses, you should contact the course coordinator giving the course. Course coordinators can be found on the home pages of each individual course in our course database.

If you have more general questions concerning your studies at NTNU, you can take a look at this student guidance page.


The student academic associations

NTNU has many student academic associations, where students from a particular academic field can participate. By participating in a student academic association, you can get in contact with other students from your academic field. The student academic associations arrange many social events, as well as presentations of various Norwegian companies and organizations.

The student academic associations at the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology are:

Get involved!

Trondheim has a vibrant student community, made possible by hundreds of students doing volunteer activities in addition to their studies. Even though you studies are important, make sure that you do not spend all your time in the study halls – get out there and enjoy student life! Get involved!

The many student associations and other possibilities in Trondheim include:

  • Studentersamfundet (The student union)
  • UKA (large student festival, held biannually)
  • ISFiT (Trondheim's international student festival)
  • NTNUI (NTNU's sports association)
  • Participating in student politics