Employers call for young MSc in technology having a sound theoretical from their university studies. Structural engineering is a challenging field, yet it opens for interesting and diversified projects in a position as an engineer. Norwegian consultants and engineering companies have been satisfied with the candidates from Department of Structural Engineering.

Specialization related to structural engineering is feasible within the engineering programmes of Civil and Environmental Engineering (5 years) and Engineering and ICT (5 years). Moreover, Mechanical Engineering (5 years) offers a specialization called «Applied Mechanics». Department of Structural Engineering covers a wide field of solid mechanics:

Civil engineering structures made of concrete, steel and timber
Structural components (beams, columns, plates etc.)
Connections and joints (bolts, welds etc.)
Numerical calculations (finite element method, material modelling etc.)
Structures subject to dynamic loading (bridges, offshore structures, automotive etc.)
Concrete technology

Department of Structural Engineering offers one or more courses within all these fields. Please read more about our research and applications of solid mechanics.


Labour market

The Norwegian labour market has been extremely good for structural engineers the last 15 years. It is likely, however, that the current economic situation will slow things slightly down. Yet, it is reasonable to expect that large infrastructure projects related to communication and public building will be realized in the future, and there has also been a significant challenge to recruit engineers to work on civil engineering projects due to the high activity in the oil and gas sector. It can be anticipated that the labour market will remain good for structural engineers.