Master's thesis

Master's thesis

The master’s thesis is the final step for an MSc student. It is written in the last (10th) semester of the study, and requires 20 full-time weeks.

The students can choose the problem for their thesis among all fields that are covered by Department of Structural Engineering. Most problems are proposed by the professors, but it may also be feasible to work with problems suggested by companies or other external enterprises.

Department of Structural Engineering prefers that the master’s thesis is a continuation of the specialization project carried out in the 9th semester, yet this is not a formal demand. Nevertheless, the students are recommended to have the master’s thesis in mind when choosing specialization project in the spring (end of 8th semester).

Master's thesis regulations

Master’s thesis in cooperation with external enterprise

Companies or other external enterprises may suggest problems for a specialization project, continued as a master’s thesis. Such proposals should be reported to the department not later than 1 March. For master’s thesis without a preceding specialization project, the department should be contacted before 15 October.

It is emphasized that all master’s theses must have a responsible teacher from the department, and it is the department that assigns the problem to each individual student. The department will not provide any problem for a MSc thesis without any responsible teacher. A good advice is to contact a teacher within the field of interest, and discuss whether the problem at hand is suitable for a master’s thesis.