Student life

Students at a cafe in Bakklandet, Trondheim

Trondheim - Norway's most popular student town

Trondheim has many names. It is a city of students, technology, culture, cycling and food. The 33,000 students, leave their mark on the city and contribute to a high level of innovation and culture. Whether you want vibrant city life or a lighted ski trail – Trondheim has it all. It is no wonder that Trondheim is regularly voted as Norway's best university student town!

Student associations

Sit, the Student Welfare Association in Trondheim

Sit offers training facilities, housing in student villages, cafés and canteens, health care, child care and a multitude of courses.

Student organizations

NTNU's international students organize everything from trips around Norway to family activities and movie nights. The university also has many other student organizations, where you can meet people who are interested in everything from Amnesty International to Nordic skiing. 

The Students' Society

"Samfundet" offers students social and cultural programmes and activities.

NTNUI - the Athletic Association

Three fitness centres and 50 different sports groups make NTNUI a perfect complement to student life.


Every other year, student volunteers organize two popular festivals: UKA and ISFiT.

International Student Festival (ISFIT)

ISFIT is organized around a student-selected theme that addresses issues of global significance through workshops, debates and dialogue groups. Keynote speakers have included Nobel laureates and world leaders. 


Norway's largest cultural festival features music, theatre, art and stage shows. It is entirely organized by student volunteers.

Student cabins

Small student cabin in the woods

Students in Trondheim have access to something few universities can match: a network of small cabins spread across the county of Trøndelag, and the larger Student Cabin (Studenterhytta), which is located right outside the city centre. 

Hiking or skiing to one of the smaller cabins is a very popular weekend activity, especially among the international students. Just remember to bring a map, a sleeping bag and something tasty for dinner! If you prefer a little more pampering, the Student Cabin has a sauna, serves cheap meals and there is a bus going from campus. During exam time, the Student Cabin also offers a special 'exam reading' deal, which includes study rooms, all meals and sleeping quarters. 

Hiking and skiing

Trondheim's charms extend well beyond its city centre. Just a short bus or tram ride away lies Bymarka. The public park offers an extensive network of paths and trails perfect for hiking and skiing. 

Check out Visit Norway for more information on what to do in Trondheim.