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Programmes of Study

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The faculty offers a large number of health-related programmes of study and graduates students with bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in this area. 

For applicant's with a high school degree
Study programmes Campus Years
Audiology (Norwegian site) Trondheim 3
Human Movement Science Trondheim 3
Occupational Therapy Gjøvik 3
Occupational Therapy (Norwegian site) Trondheim 3
Physiotherapy (Norwegian site) Trondheim 3
Medicine (Norwegian site) Trondheim 6
Radiography  Gjøvik 3
Radiography (Norwegian site) Trondheim 3
Nursing Gjøvik 3 (4)
Nursing (Norwegian site) Trondheim 3
Nursing (Norwegian site)  Ålesund 3
Social Education (Norwegian site) Trondheim  
For applicant's with a bachelor's degree
Study programmes Campus Years
Activity and Movement (Norwegian site) Trondheim 2 (4)
Advanced clinical nursing (Norwegian site) Ålesund 2 (4)
Children and Adolescent's Mental Health (part time, Norwegian site) Trondheim 4
Human Movement Science Trondheim 2
Exercise Physiology Trondheim 2
Pharmacy Trondheim 2
Gerontology (part time) Gjøvik 4
Global Health Trondheim 2
Health Promotion and Community Care (part time) Gjøvik 4
Healthcare Informatics (part time, Norwegian site) Trondheim 4
Health Science Trondheim 2 (4)
Clinical Health Science (Norwegian site) Trondheim 2
Clinical Nursing (Norwegian site) Gjøvik 2 (4)
Medical MR Imaging (part time, Norwegian site) Trondheim 4
Molecular Medicine Trondheim 2
Neuroscience Trondheim 2
Mental Health Care (Norwegian site) Trondheim 2
Public Health Gjøvik, Trondheim 2


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Toril Forbord, Vice Dean for bachelor's degrees

Jon Magnussen, Vice Dean for master's degrees

Tore Romundstad, Head of Section, Section for Student and Academic Affairs

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