Nordic Network for Research in Music Education


Concert with music students. photo
Foto: Esben Krogstad Kamstrup/NTNU


2–3 March 2021 virtually in Trondheim, Norway

Hosted by Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Teacher Education. 

Conference theme: Qualities in Music Education Practice and Research

In addition, a PhD seminar will be hosted 1 March. It is intended for early and middle stage PhD candidates. The site hosts in Trondheim will design the format of the seminar. The seminar will consist of project sharing and discussions regarding PhD challenges and possibilities.

NNRME's function is to strengthen research in music education in the Nordic countries, exchange research results and shed light on current music educational issues. The title Quality in Music Education Research and Practice concerns both thematic, educational, methodological and theoretical issues, and raise critical questions related to for example who, why and how. The concept ‘quality’ is complex in music educational research and practice, which happens in the intersections between music and artistic practice and scientific work.  The conference will include both scientific and artistic parts. All institutions and research environments in the Mid-Norwegian research network Music Pedagogy in Development (MiU), and their collaboration partners in the anthology Music Technology in Education – Channeling and Challenging Perspectives (2020) will contribute in facilitating NNRME’s first fully digital conference.

The conference language in all sessions is English.

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