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Photo: Monika S. Nyhagen/NTNU

To improve the virtual conference experience we are going to use a conference app, MeetAppGO. It's possible to use the app both on your computer and on your phone/tablet. The app is very easy to use. All the relevant links will be provided in the NNRME2021 conference app. You will receive all the information you need in an e-mail before the event starts. Below here you will find just an overview of the program. This is the final version. All the presentations will be live presentations.

PhD seminar

Monday 1 March

09.00–14.00 (Including coffee and lunch-breaks)

Only for pre-assigned participants.

The participants are divided in 5 seminargroups. Response givers/seminar leaders:

Tuesday 2 March

09.00–10.15 Opening/welcome

10.15–10.45 Break

10.45–12.15 Parallels

NNRME Parallels Tuesday 1045

Chair: Ola Buan Øien and Rolf Martin Snustad

10.45–11.15 Ragnhild Sandberg-Jurström, Monica Lindgren, Olle Zandén

  • «Assessment cultures and limits for approval in entrance tests for Swedish music teacher education»

11.15–11.45 Silje Valde Onsrud, Bendik Fredriksen, Hanne Rinholm

  • The multiplicity of pre-service music teachers’ positioning: The pupil, the student, the teacher, the musician
  • Respondent: Mikael Persson

11.45–12.15 Ketil Thorgersen, Annette Mars

  • Dal Segna al Corona – Collegial collaboration to cope with corona online?
  • Respondent: Heidi Partti,

Chair: Bjørn-Terje Bandlien and Egil Reistadbakk 

10.45–11.15 Felicity Burbridge Rinde

  • Music in the life of an introductory class in a Norwegian primary school
  • Respondent: Kim Boeskov

11.15–11.45 Sunniva Skjøstad Hovde

  • Experiences and Perceptions of Multiculturality, Diversity, Whiteness and White Privilege in Music Teacher Education in Mid-Norway – Contributions to Excluding Structures 

11.45–12.15 Helga Rut Gudmundsdottir, Adam Switala

  • Adaptation and implementation of an Icelandic family-music program for groups of Polish immigrant families in Iceland
  • Respondent: Eva Sæther

Chair: Eirik Sørbø

10.45–11.15 Eva Georgi-Hemming, Elin Angelo, Stefan Gies, Karin Johansson, Christian Rolle, Øivind Varkøy, Nadia Moberg, Diana Versaci

  • Artistic knowledge for entrepreneurs 

11.15–11.45 Christopher Wallbaum

  • Modern Times – Learning (Music in) Practices of Effective Learning
  • An analytical short film (ASF) about how a neo-liberal demanded rationality of effective learning contradicts the aesthetic rationality of Music

11.45–12.15 Eirik Sørbø

  • Teaching music theory 
  • Respondent: Niklas Rudbäck

NNRME program part 3

12.15–13.30 Lunch

13.30–15.00 Parallels

NNRME Parallels Tuesday 1330

Chair: Erik Askerøi

13.30–15.00 Anna Backman Bister

  • Symposium
  • A Prima Vista – Possibilities and Challenges with Practice-based Research in Music Education
  • Respondent: Johan Nyberg

Chair: Ola Buan Øien and Rolf Martin Snustad

13.30–14.00 Bjørnar Utne-Reitan

  • Constructing “Satslære”
  • Respondent: Carina Borgström-Källén

14.00–14.30 Niklas Rudbäck

  • Circumscribing Tonality: Upper Secondary Music Students Learning the Circle of Fifths

14.30–15.00 Hanna Mütze, Veronika Busch

  • Development of tonal skills in pupils aged 8 to 15 through school-based music education or intervention. A systematic review
  • Respondent: Jens Knigge

Chair: Bjørn-Terje Bandlien and Egil Reistadbakk

13.30–14.00 Marja-Leena Juntunen, Marja-Leena and, Heidi Partti

  • Towards ethical subjectification in globally responsible arts education
  • Respondent: Christian Rolle

14.00–14.30 Ola Buan Øien

  • Understanding musical leadership in light of performative and pedagogical practices from a hermeneutic practice ecological perspective

14.30–15.00 Veronica Ski-Berg

  • Reframing musical assessment: How individualised study programmes are confronting the question of quality in higher music education
  • Respondent: Marja-Leena Juntunen

NNRME program part 4

15.00–15.30 Break

15.30–16.00 Mini keynote

  • Do we all have to be “leftists”? A dialogue about music education research  – and polarization, identity politics, class struggle etc.
  • Petter Dyndahl, Øivind Varkøy (20 min + 10 discussion)

Wednesday 3. March

09.00–10.00 NNRME network hour: NRME Journal publishing possibilities etc.

10.00–10.15 Break

10.15–11.45 Parallels

NNRME Parallels wednesday 1015

Chair: Eirik Sørbø

10.15–10.45 Anna Backman Bister, Diana Bertén, Viveca Lindberg

  • Music Education in Special Education – results from a pilot study and a systematic review
  • Respondent: Cecilia Ferm Almqvist

10.45–11.15 Sven Ahlbäck, Anna Backman Bister

  • MITIS – Musical Informational Technology in School 

11.15–11.45 Randi Margrethe Eidsaa

  • Music for Microsculptures: Music performer students’ reflections on creative music-making
  • Respondent: Siw Graabræk Nielsen

Chair: Ola Buan Øien and Rolf Martin Snustad

10.15–10.45 Carl Holmgren

  • Exploring Interpretative Paradigms in Instrumental Teaching of Western Classical Music in Higher Education
  • Respondent: Sven-Erik Holgersen

10.45–11.15 Jon Helge Sætre

  • Educational cultures in specialist instrument tuition: An analytical framework of difference
  • Respondent: Eva Georgii-Hemming

11.15–11.45 Raika Lätzer

  • Alternative verbal communication - Thoughts on intentional strategies in instrumental and vocal teaching

Chair: Egil Reistadbakk and Bjørn-Terje Bandlien

10.15–10.45 Erkki Huovinen

  • Theories of Creativity in Music: Students’ Theory Appraisals

10.45–11.15 Steven Schiemann

  • Professional Development of generalists`music practice in primary schools. A videobased observational study

11.15–11.45 Matthias Krebs

  • Musical Interaction Patterns: making music together with digital instruments
  • Respondent: Erkki Huovinen

NNRME program part 5

11.45–13.00 Lunch

13.00–14.30 Parallels

NNRME Parallels wednesday 1300

Chair: Ola Buan Øien and Rolf Martin Snustad

13.00–13.30 Linn Hentschel

  • Singing situations – a phd project on singing and gender in school

13.30–14.00 Camilla Jonasson

  • The becoming of the music-making hybrid

14.00–14.30 Ann Werner, Cecilia Ferm Almqvist

  • Analysing nation and gender in conservatoire education
  • Respondent: Jon Helge Sætre

Chair: Egil Reistadbakk and Bjørn-Terje Bandlien

13.00–13.30 Anna Linge

  • Digital tools mediating and transforming the musical class room

13.30–14.00 Tine Grieg Viig

  • Exploring mixed reality music spaces in the MineMixMusic project
  • Respondent: Bjørn Terje Bandlien

14.00–14.30 Kari Mette Holdus, Catharina Christophersen, Heidi Partti

  • Creative music-making with digital tools: Add and stir or a fresh take? A lesson for music teacher education
  • Respondent: Susanna Lejonhufvud

Chair: Eirik Askerøi

13.00–13.30 Thomas von Wachenfeldt, Carl Holmgren

  • Theoretical and Methodological Trends and Traditions in Nordic Music Education Research
  • Respondent: Karlsen, Sidsel

13.30–14.00 Anne Jordhus-Lier, Sidsel Karlsen,Siw Graabæk Nielsen

  • Who decides the teaching content of the Norwegian schools of music and performing arts? Findings from a national survey

14.00–14.30 Lena Ostendorf

  • Music Teacher Education in Sweden seen through Foucault´s genealogical lens
  • Respondent: Silje Valde Onsrud

NNRME program part 2

14.30–15.00 Break


  • Keynote: Randall Allsup (30 min + 15 min discussion)

  • Roundup/goodbye