In addition, a PhD-seminar will be hosted 14 June. It is intended for early and middle stage PhD-candidates. The site hosts in Trondheim will design the format of the seminar. The seminar will consist of project sharing and discussions regarding PhD challenges and possibilities.

PhD-seminar 14 June 09.00–14.00

In this seminar PhD-students will discuss and get feedback on their work from the conference keynotes.


Each participant submits a text to our e-mail address. The text can be based on their previous abstract, or something else from their PhD-project, as long as it is within the scope of the conference. We expect approx. 5-10 pages, including references. The format must be pdf, and name the document by your last name.

Deadline 16 May

The seminar will be organized in parallel sessions. All participants must read the submitted texts to your session as well as three set texts provided by the keynotes. You will be notified which session you belong to shortly after the deadline.

Organization of the seminar

  • Presentation of your submitted text – 10 minutes
  • Discussion and feedback from the keynote 
  • Q&A session and roundup

Information PhD Seminar Norlit

Send in your text here

Deadline 16 May