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Students talking together. Photo
Foto: Esben Krogstad Kamstrup/NTNU


To improve the conference experience we are going to use a conference app, Ventla. It's possible to use the app both on your computer and on your phone/tablet. The app is very easy to use. All relevant information, as well as links to the abstracts, will be provided in the NorLit 2021 conference app. Registered participants will receive information on how to log in to the conference app in an e-mail before the event starts.

PhD seminar

Tuesday 14 June 

10.00–14.00 (Including coffee and lunch)

See more about the Ph.D.-seminar in the tab above. 


  • Sally Bushell 
  • Barbara Piatti
  • Bertrand Westphal

Tuesday 14 June

14.00–14.45 Registration and afternoon snack

At Kalvskinnet Campus, NTNU, Akrinn-building in Sverres gate 12 (Sverres street)

14.45–15.00 Opening/welcome

Room: Aud. 1, Akrinn-building

15.00–16.00 Keynote

Room: Aud. 1, Akrinn-building

Keynote Barbara Piatti

From Literary Maps to Rural Criticism. How Geographies of Fiction inspire research and writing

16.00–16.15 Break

16.15–18.15 Afternoon session


Chair: Ingvild Hagen Kjørholt

Room: Room A

  • Dan Ringgaard, Aarhus university 
    • It’s in the Air: What Clouds Tell Us About Space and Place 
  • Beata Agrell, University of Gothenburg 
    • Space, place, and mapping. Theoretical reflections, applied on Swedish underdog fiction of the early 1900s 
  • Thomas Mohnike, Université de Strasbourg 
    • Mythemes and Geography. Mapping literary Space with Computational Methods 
  • Anders Skare Malvik, NTNU 
    • The Geographical Unconscious. Mapping Unmappable Space in Amalie Skram’s novels

Social time

Social time

18.45 Literature soup - for registered participants

norlit Wednesday 8 December

Wednesday 15 June

09.00–10.00 Program start

Room: Aud. 1, Akrinn-building

Keynote Bertrand Westphal, University of Limoges

On Geocriticism, Bookstores, and the Inn of the Distant

10.00–10.30 Coffee break

10.30–12.30 Parallel session - Morning session day 2

norlit Morning session

Chair: Tatjana Kielland Samoilow

Room: Room A

  • Alexandre Bataller Català and Juan Carlos Colomer Rubio, Universitat de València
    • Spatial turn, literary routes and education: experiences and projects of the group Literary Geographies 
  • Jordi Chumillas-Coromina & Pere Quer, Universitat de Vic - UCC
    • ICT in didactic literary routes: beyond an instrumental relationship?
  • Eduardo España Palop and Héctor Hernández Gassó, Universitat de València
    • Wikipedia as a tool for the systematisation and organisation of urban spaces for the elaboration of Literary Routes 
  • Jeroni Mendez-Cabrera, Universitat de València
    • Literary Classics through Heritage Routes in Teacher Education 


Chair: Frode Lerum Boasson

Room: Room B

  • Sonia Lagerwall, University of Bergen
    • The Cergy diaries of Annie Ernaux and François Bon 
  • Christian Steentofte Andersen, University of Copenhagen 
    • Gentrification and authenticity: Contemporary Copenhagen in Jan Sonnergaards Frysende Våde Vejbaner og Søren Ulrik Thomsen and Jokum Rohdes København Con Amore 
  • Davide Magoni , University of Siena 
    • Journey into the fringes: the suburbs of Gianni Celati and Luigi Ghirri 
  • Fabiana D’Ascenzo, Cardiff University - School of Geography and Planning (GEOPL) 
    • Going up the River. Literary Geographies of Kinshasa 


Chair: Knut Ove Eliassen

Room: Room C

  • Alejandro Adalberto Mejia Gonzalez, Nîmes University 
    • I take space: the pantopia spatial configuration in Mexican writer Heriberto Yépez’s The Empire of Neomemory 
  • Samantha Sechi, University Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3 
    • Space as constitutive principle of form (not able to attend)
  • Kristina Malmio, University of Helsinki 
    • A planetary turn within Finland-Swedish minority literature? 
  • Lotta Strandberg, University of South-Eastern Norway 
    • Writing from Nowhere?

norlit wednesday part 2

12.30–13.30 Lunch

13.30–15.00 Parallel session - Mid-day session day 2

norlit Mid-day session

Chair: Jade Dillon

Room: Room A

  • Björn Sundmark, Malmö University 
    • Muminimalism: Tove Jansson’s Art of the Miniature 
  • Anne Berit Lyngstad og Tatjana Kielland Samoilow, NTNU 
    • Soundscapes in children’s literature. The case of Mördarens apa (The Murderer’s ape) 
  • Tomás Roztocil, Palacký University 
    • New (Weird) Spaces: Embracing Uncertainty in Miévillean Fiction

Chair: Frode Lerum Boasson

Room: Room B

  • Anna Derksen, University of Greifswald
    • “We’re Going to Cross the Ice to Greenland” - Spatial Experiences as Epistemological Turning Points of Scandinavian Body Politics 
  • Henning Wærp, UiT - The Arctic University of Norway 
    • The human-animal relation in an Arctic mapping expedition.  Otto Sverdrup´s New Land. Four Years in the Arctic Regions (1903) 
  • Beret Wicklund, NTNU
    • The legend in a bioregional geographical pedagogical perspective

norlit wednesday part 3

15.00–15.30 Coffee break

15.30–17.00 Parallel session - Afternoon session day 2

norlit wednesday part 4

Chair: Tatjana Kielland Samoilow

Room: Room A

  • Sophie Kriegel, The Free University of Berlin
    • Making Space, Creating Nations: Spatialising Practices in 'Mine Boy' by Peter Abrahams 
  • Harri Veivo, University of Caen
    • Life in the outdoors, the experience of nature and nationalism in literature at the turn of the 19th century: preliminary hypotheses 
  • John Brumo, NTNU
    • Are you ready for the country. Images of the rural in Norwegian short stories 

Chair: Anne Berit Lyngstad

Room: Room B

  • Marius Warholm Haugen and Ingvild Folkvord, NTNU 
    • The literary mapping of lived space in Diane Meur’s Les Vivants et les Ombres and Jenny Erpenbeck’s Heimsuchung 
  • Karolina May-Chu, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
    • Border Poetics and the Cosmopolitan Imagination in German-Polish Border Narratives 
  • Charlott Neuhauser, Södertörn University 
    • The Importance of Place – Varieties of Antifascist Resistance of the Playwrights’ Network of Brita von Horn in 1940-42 (This poster lecture has been canceled due to illness )

norlit wednesday part 5

17.00–18.00 Break

18.15 Organ concert in Nidarosdomen church for all participants – be on time! 

Doors open at 18.00. Entrance from the North entrance, Munkegata (Munk street)

19.00 Reception – for all participants at To Tårn, nearby Nidarosdomen

Thursday 16 June

09.00–10.00 Program start

Room: Aud. 1, Akrinn-building

Keynote Sally Bushell, Lancaster University

Visualising and Interpreting Literary Landscapes in a Digital Age or, Through the Looking Glass with Alice

10.00–10.30 Coffee break

10.30–12.00 Parallel session – Morning session day 3

norlit thursday part 1

Chair: John Brumo

Room: Room A

  • Anna Maria Seidel, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin 
    • Mapping the City in a State of Exception. A New Approach to Mapping Urban Literature 
  • Anna Roura Perera & Carla Roca Riera, Universitat de Girona 
    • Mapping literary phenomena: cartographies of cultural relations
  • Diana Santos, University of Oslo 
    • Distant reading place in Portuguese literature

Chair: Christopher Messelt

Room: Room B

  • Atle Krogstad, Queen Maud College of Early Childhood Education 
    • The picturebook and production of place 
  • Delilah Bermudez Brataas, NTNU 
    • Restart: Creation and Utopic Space in Lucifer and The Sandman Universe 
  • Jade Dillon, NTNU 
    • Affective Space in Contemporary Picturebooks

norlit thursday part 2

12.00–13.00 Lunch

13.00–14.30 Parallel session – Mid-day session day 3

norlit thursday part 3

Chair: Hanna Malene Lindberg

Room: Room A

  • Christopher Messelt, NTNU 
    • The literary lighthouse. From working place to leisure space 
  • Knut Ove Eliassen, NTNU 
    • Imaginary islands and the margins of the known world 
  • Søren Frank, University of Southern Denmark, Odense 
    • Changing weather forecasts, literary mappings of sea changes in the Antropocene

Chair: Ingvild Folkvord

Room: Room B

  • Ingvild Hagen Kjørholt, NTNU 
    • Shaping a historical site through digital locative media. Reading and remediation in “Falstad digital reconstruction and V/AR guide” 
  • Kamilla Aslaksen, Høgskolen i Innlandet 
    • Hamsun’s book collection at Nørholm 
  • Alina Bako, Lucian Blaga University 
    • Writing in Interwar Romania:  How the space shaped the Hortensia Papadat Bengescu’s Fiction (not able to attend)

norlit thursday part 4

14.30–15.00 Coffee break

15.00–17.00 Afternoon session day 3

Space and fictionality  

Chair: Marit Sjelmo

Room: Room A

  • Antje Ziethen, University of British Columbia
    • Geographic Metafiction: Parodying the Spatial Archive in Literature and Film  
  • Julia Jacob, Johns Hopkins University 
    • Jules Verne’s Extraordinary voyages: Geographical novels? 
  • Nina Pilz, University of Greifswald
    • The Pandemic’s Protagonists: The Baltic Sea Region as an Example for Regional Narratives of the COVID-19 Pandemic 



norlit thursday part 6

18.45 The bus leaves just outside hotell Augustin

19.00 Dinner at E.C. Dahls brewery - for registered participants