Courses and timetables

Courses and timetables

Our courses

Our leveled courses run from beginners level, Level 1, to advanced level, Level 4. The short courses are the first half of a level 1 course.

Each course lasts one semester. The Level 1-3 Courses (15 ECTS) consist of  78 hours of classroom teaching in total, 6 hours per week for a duration of 13 weeks. The Level 4 course (15 ECTS) has a total of 60 hours. The Short Course (7,5 ECTS) corresponds to half of Level 1 and consist of 30 hours of classroom teaching. 

Exchange students who are staying in Norway for one semester, are only allowed to apply for the Short Course, and not for Level 1. Passed Short Course exam does not qualify you for a Level 2 Course.

As part of a degree at NTNU, level 4 counts for 15 study credits, and levels 3 and 4 combined count for 30 study credits. A level 3 course on its own as well as a level 1 and 2 course do not count as part of a degree at NTNU.

Level 3 is equal to the matriculation requirements for regular studies at Norwegian universities. 

To pass the courses, a minimum of 80% attendance is required, in addition to several items of written coursework. Attendance is compulsory for the first lecture.

The courses are not eligible for funding by the State Educational Loan Fund.

Groups and timetables

Groups and timetables

At Campus Trondheim we offer courses on all levels every semester, and you will be able to choose between different groups with different timeslots. The majority of the courses take place at Campus Dragvoll. However some of them are situated in Campus Gløshaugen.

For students at the Gjøvik and Ålesund campuses we offer digital courses only:

  • Autumn Semester: Short courses, Levels 1 and 3.
  • Spring semester: Short courses and Level 2. 

All courses have compulsory attendance in the first lecture.

Course codes

Course codes


  • NFUT0001
  • NFUT0002
  • NFUT0003
  • NFUT0004 - takes place at Campus Gløshaugen
  • NFUT0005
  • NFUT0006
  • NFUT0007
  • NFUT0008

Gjøvik / Ålesund (digital)

  • NFUT0030
  • NFUT0031 

You can find the timetables here: Search for courses, NTNU 


Trondheim Dragvoll

  • NFUT0101
  • NFUT0102
  • NFUT0103
  • NFUT0104 - takes place at Campus Gløshaugen
  • NFUT0105
  • NFUT0106
  • NFUT0107
  • NFUT0108

Trondheim Gløshaugen

  • NFUT0109

Gjøvik / Ålesund (digital)

  • NFUT0130
  • NFUT0131

Gjøvik / Ålesund / Trondheim (digital):

  • NFUT0132

You can find the timetables here: Search for courses, NTNU 



Regular Level 2 courses:

  • NFUT0201
  • NFUT0202
  • NFUT0203
  • NFUT0204 - takes place at Campus Gløshaugen
  • NFUT0205
  • NFUT0206

Combined Teaching and Self-study:

  • NFUT0250

Gjøvik / Ålesund

  • No Level 2 courses autumn semester 

You can find the timetables here: Search for courses, NTNU 


  • NFUT0301
  • NFUT0302
  • NFUT0303
  • NFUT0304 - takes place at Campus Gløshaugen
  • NFUT0305

Gjøvik / Ålesund

  • NFUT0330

You can find the timetables here: Search for courses, NTNU 


There is only one group in Level 4: NFUT0401

Groups and timetables

Choosing a group

Once you are offered a spot on the course from the Admissions office, you need to do the following: 

  1. Accept the offer in the application portal, Søknadsweb
  2. Sign up for one of the groups in Studentweb. NB: You can only sign up for one group.

The groups have limited spots, and are filled on a "first come, first serve" basis. If you do not select and sign up for a group, the system will not register you as a student and you will loose your spot on the course.

Note that all courses have compulsory attendance in the first lecture. Students who do not attend the first lecture will loose their spot on the course.

For questions, please contact the Norwegian course administration.

Semester fee and course fee

Semester fee

All persons registered to take exams must pay the semester fee within the deadine. Only exchange students are exempt from this.

If you are an NTNU employee or PhD student you will also need to pay the fee, as the course is not a part of your PhD studies. If your department covers your cost, you will need to ask for reimbursement after the fee has been paid, since the invoice will be made out to you personally, and cannot be made to charge the department or faculty. You generate the invoice in Studentweb.

More about semester fee

Course fee for academic staff

Academic staff (including PhD-candidates, postdoctoral fellows) with a duration of stay of minimum 1 year are guaranteed a place on levels 1-3, provided their Faculty/Department covers the course fee. The Course Fee is NOK 4000 per Level, and NOK 2000 for the Short course.