Course content

Course content

The Courses consist of:

  • Level 1: Beginners' course
  • Level 2: Intermediate course
  • Level 3: Advanced course
  • Level 4: Proficiency course
  • Short courses, which corresponds to half of Level 1.

Each course lasts one semester.

Levels 1-4

The Level 1-3 Courses consist of  78 hours of classroom teaching in total, 6 hours per week including language laboratory exercises for a duration of 13 weeks. The Level 4 course has a total of 60 hours. To pass the course, a minimum of 80% attendance is required, in addition to several items of written coursework. Attendance is compulsory for the first lecture.

Level 3 constitutes a part of the matriculation requirements for regular studies at Norwegian universities.

The Level 1-4 Courses each give 15 credits.

Short Course (basic)

The Short Course corresponds to half of Level 1 and consist of 30 hours of classroom teaching.

The Short Course gives 7,5 credits. Exchange students who are staying in Norway for one semester, are only allowed to apply for the Short Course, and not for Level 1. Attendance is compulsory for the first lecture.

Passed Short Course exam does not qualify you for a Level 2 Course.

New online courses Autum 2020

For students and staff at Campus Ålesund and Gjøvik only.

Autumn Semester 2020:

  • Online Short Course
  • Online Level 1 Course 

Spring Semester 2021:

  • Online Short Course
  • Online Level 2 Course 

More information (course description) will be published later.

College credit

Each course level counts for 15 study credits (short courses 7,5). As part of a degree at NTNU, level 4 counts for 15 study credits, and levels 3 and 4 combined count for 30 study credits. A level 3 course on its own as well as a level 1 and 2 course do not count as part of a degree at NTNU. These courses are not eligible for funding by the State Educational Loan Fund.

Course fee

Course fee for academic staff

Academic staff (including PdD-candidates, postdoctoral fellows) with a duration of stay of minimum 1 year are guaranteed a place provided their Faculty/Department covers the course fee. The Course Fee is NOK 3500 per Level, and NOK 1750 for the Short course.

Groups and timetables

Groups and timetables

The students sign up for the courses themselves. 

Note that there are a limited amount of places in each group. It is only possible to sign up for one group and only possible to sign up once.

Contact information

Contact information

Please contact us by e-mail at: Due to the Corinavirus you can contact us by e-mail only 

Questions regarding application and admission:
Phone: (+47) 73 59 77 00

Questions regarding emailadress/Internet access: