PhD Conference in Global health, 8 - 10 June 2022

PhD Conference in Global health, 8 - 10 June 2022

- From Evidence to Action 

The 6th national annual PhD conference will take place at Oscarsborg 8 - 10 June 2022. We cross our fingers that we can meet again in June. Hopefully we will get good scientific discussions and gain some presentation skills and new friends. We hope to see many NRSGH members at Oscarborg this year :-) This is a unique possibility to meet other colleges and to learn about Norwegian history of second world war.


About the conference

The annual PhD conference is NRSGHs main national event. This is the perfect arena to meet and listen to other students doing research in global health topics, to discuss relevant topic and broaden your network in a friendly atmosphere, this year on Oscarsborg (one hour drive outside Oslo) The program will include lectures by invited speakers, group work, discussions, social activities, and sightseeing. Accommodation and all meals are included. There is no conference fee. 


preliminary conference program:

Wednesday June 8:

At 16.00 departure from pick up point (TBA) at Gardermoen Airport with bus. Ca. 16.45 departure from pick up point (TBA) at Oslo Central Station.

18:00 Feery from Drøbak to Oscarsborg
18:10 - 19:00 Check-in at the hotel  

Dinner starts at 20.00 

Morning session
Thursday June 9

Roundtable, Groups moderated by NRSGH board members:
Phase1 (beginning): How to start PhD – planning, registration at PhD program, ethical approval, etc.
Phase 2 (fieldwork, article, data analysis): Data collection etc publications. Which publication to choose?
Phase 3 (end of PhD): Prepare for dissertation, Grant writing, Career after PhD, project leadership etc.

Social activities

Afternoon session
Thursday June 9 

Group work - by topic of research; Abstract book.
Individual oral presentations by 3 minutes, without using PowerPoint.
Get feedback from group members and the moderator. 


How to survive as a PhD-student - mental health

Jan-Martin Berge is a specialist in clinical psychology. He also holds a specialty in cognitive therapy and work psychology. Jan-Martin has worked for several years in public and private business and has a passion for psychology, therapy and communication. Over several years, Jan-Martin has developed the trademark Academic stand-up and made him a sought-after and acclaimed speaker with fantastic feedback.

Some topics he will touch upon:

- Mental stress, stress management
- How to prioritize
- Relationship to supervisor
- Deadline coming up or delay of projects/field work, data collection
- Expect the unexpected
- Living in another culture
- Isolation & loneliness – how to proceed?
- Handle conflicts


Contact coordinator if you have any question for the registration           
Deadline for registration is 20 August 2021


It is mandatory for the participants at the PhD-conference to register your abstract. This abstract can be similar to what you already have submitted to another conference. All submitted abstracts will be printed in a book that is handed out at the start of the conference. The correctly completed form will help us generate the book with similar layout for all abstracts. Please, remember to also attach a profile picture of you. All participants should preper a 3-minutes presentation without PowerPoint for the thursday afternoon session. 

Please register your abstract     Deadline is 1 October 2021. 

Practical information:

You should book you own ticket from you hometown to Tromsø 17th Nov and return ticket from Trondheim 20th Nov. See flights suggestions to Tromsø and return from Trondheim

The cost for your travel will be covered by NRSGH, see more information below about reimbursement.
Timetable for the travel from Tromsø to Trondheim

Suggestions for sightseeing in Tromsø
You need to be in Tromsø at Clarion Hotel The Edge by 7.00 pm. The official program starts.
You will arrive in Trondheim at 6:30 am on Sat. 20th November.
Suggestions for sightseeing in Trondheim 
Travel from the city centre to airport, Værnes takes about 30-40 minutes.

If you are staying abroad and want to join the PhD-conference, you need to apply for a travel grant. Please, contact NRSGH coordinator Remember to stay updated by the Norwegian Goverments traveling advice coming to Norway

On the ship MS Kong Harald (Hurtigruten) you will be sharing cabin with another student. Remember to identify who you would like to share cabin within the registration form. If not, the org. committee will make a suggestion. There will be separate female and male cabins.
If you would like to continue all the way to Bergen on the ship, this will be on your own cost.

The Organizing Committee

The Conference Committee consists of PhD students from most of the partner Universities participating in the Norwegian Research School of Global Health. In addition, one academic and one administrative staff from the host University and the NRSGH coordinator are supporting the Conference committee.

Hassan Njie, UiO Elin Yli Dvergsdal, Coordinator
Elodie BesnierNTNU Turid Austin Wæhler, UiT
Vilde Skylstad, UiB Elisabeth Darj, NTNU



Please contact the members of the committee if you have suggestions for the program or questions of practical matters.

Travel expenses

NRSGH travel grant are limited to 3000 NOK for the roundtrip, including public transportation to/from the airport. Please wait to book your ticket to Tromsø and return from Trondheim, until you get e-mail confirmation from the NRSGH Coordinator. In these corona times, things are changing rapidly. Please contact NRSGH coordinator to agree upon reimbursement for tickets and travel expenses, or to prebook the tickets directly for you. See more information about reimbursement.

27 Jan 2022