PhD Conference in Global health, 8 - 10 June 2022

PhD Conference in Global health, 8 - 10 June 2022

- From Evidence to Action 

The 6th national annual PhD conference will take place at Oscarsborg 8 - 10 June 2022. We cross our fingers that we can meet again in June. Hopefully we will get good scientific discussions and gain some presentation skills and new friends. We hope to see many NRSGH members at Oscarsborg this year :-) This is a unique opportunity to meet other colleges and to learn about Norwegian history of second world war.


About the conference

The annual PhD conference is NRSGHs main national event. This is the perfect arena to meet and listen to other students doing research in global health topics, to discuss relevant topic and broaden your network in a friendly atmosphere, this year on Oscarsborg (one hour drive outside Oslo) The program will include lectures by invited speakers, group work, discussions, social activities, and sightseeing. Accommodation and all meals are included. There is no conference fee. 

REGISTRATION , The conference is now full booked.
Contact NRSGH Coordinator if you have questions.


Preliminary program 

Some confirmed speakers:

Day 0 - on arrivel: Inspiration and networking session

Bernadette N. Kumar

Bernadette N. Kumar, Norwegian Institute for Public Health. 

Kumar has several years’ international experience working for UNICEF, WHO, WFP, World Bank and NORAD in Southern Sudan, Somalia, North West Kenya, West Bank and Gaza, North Korea, China and Bhutan.

Migration and Health has been the focus of her research since 1999.


Day 1 - Session 1: Equitable partnerships 

  • What best practices should collaboration follow in equitable North-South partnerships?  
  • Explore idea of “Universal truths” & “magic bullets” when it comes to improving health care systems through complex interventions that involve people (prone to error and subjectivity), and varying historical and cultural contexts, legal frameworks and sector dynamics (across NGOs, business, public sector)?

Peter Hangoma, Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI)

Peter is a Postdoctoral Researcher at CMI and the University of Bergen under the BCEPS  project where his primary role is to evaluate the impact of health interventions/benefit packages on Welfare, Financial Risk Protection, Equity, and Health status in Ethiopia, Zanzibar, and Malawi.

Day 1 - Session 2: Advocacy & your role as a researcher

  • Explore the role of researchers in advocacy.
  • Discuss where ‘the line’ between academic freedom and private citizen.
  • Compare solicited (e.g. invited commentary on legislative proposals) and unsolicited (e.g. social media) advocacy.

Bilde av Johanne Sommerschild SundbyJohanne Sundby, University of Oslo. 

She has worked on reproductive health issues like abortion, infertility, FGM, STD, sexual health education and maternal health for many decades. Supervised lots - LOTS- of students from the global South and Norway.Taught M.Phil, PhD and medical school. Worked in African and Asian countries. Member of WHO steering board, Research council Program board and University Senate over the years. Price winner for Woman’s health. Board member NRSGH. Owns 14 sled dogs and competes in dog mushing

Kim Gabrielli, UN Global Compact

He has over fifteen years of professional experience in international cooperation, sustainability, political advocacy and foreign policy, as well as sustainable business models. Longterm experience from international organizations spending my whole professional life working in the Red Cross, Norwegian Olympic Committe, UNICEF and now the UN Global Compact.

Day 2 - Session 3: ‘How to disseminate your research’ sessions

Choose between 4 parallel:

  • Media training; Written -
  • Media training; Oral -
  • Visual communication by Infographic - Anneliese Lilienthal, Karolinska institute
  • Project management - Flemming Konradsen, University of Copenhagen.

Flemming Konradsen, University of Copenhagen.

He is professor of international environmental health and has more than twenty years of research and programming experience in the field of environmental health and global health. Flemming Konradsen focuses his research on human health related to water supply, sanitation and hygiene; acute pesticide poisoning; and control of vector borne diseases in Asia, Africa and Europe. Research methods include epidemiology, qualitative studies, costing studies, health promotion and health system analysis. He has extensive experience from multidisciplinary field-based research.

Nina Kristiansen,

She is editor-in-chief and general manager of the online newspaper Nina Kristiansen was educated in media studies at the master's level from the University of Oslo. She has been a forewoman in the Women's Front, head of registration and department at the Documentation Project, the Universities' databases for language and culture at the University of Oslo and also headed KILDEN information centre for gender research from 1998 to 2007.



It is mandatory for the participants at the PhD-conference to register your abstract. This abstract can be similar to what you already have submitted to another conference. All submitted abstracts will be printed in a book that is handed out at the start of the conference. The correctly completed form will help us generate the book with similar layout for all abstracts. Please, remember to also attach a profile picture of you.

Please register your abstract     Deadline is 10 May 2022. 

Photo Contest

We invite PhD candidates affiliated with the Norwegian Research School in Global Health to submit up to three photos that exemplify “life of a PhD student in global health” or capture a key global health challenge, solution or research question central to the PhD research undertaken by the individual PhD candidate.

For each submitted image, a brief text (up to 100 words) should be included to capture the context represented by the photo. A panel will select three photos to be featured on the home page of the NRSGH to represent some of the important areas of research covered by research school. The three best photos will be awarded with respectively 1000, 2000 and 3000 NOK.

See the call document  Deadline 20 May 2022

Practical information:

You should book you own ticket from you hometown to Oslo Wednesday 8th June and return ticket from Oslo Friday 10th June. NRSGH will pre-order a bus, which pick you up at Gardermoen at 15:00 or at Oslo S 15:30. We wil arrive at Drøbak 16:40. We take the ferry at 16:50 (takes only 5 min). There is also public transport alternatives, but then you have to calculate more time. 

Return from Oscarsborg with boat will be 15:00 and arrivel in Oslo 17:15. For unboarding and walking to Oslo S with lugage, you will be at the sentral station 17:45

Make sure you book your train and/or plane tickets accordingly to the bus transportation. 

The travel cost for your travel will be covered by NRSGH, see more information below about reimbursement.

Travel expenses

NRSGH travel grant are limited to 3000 NOK for the roundtrip, including public transportation to/from the airport. Please wait to book your ticket to/from Oslo until you get e-mail confirmation from the NRSGH Coordinator. Please contact NRSGH coordinator if you need NRSGH to prebook the tickets directly for you. See more information about reimbursement.

Grant - travel from abroad

If you are staying abroad and want to join the PhD-conference, you need to apply for an International Training Grant. This grant has a limited amount pr grant pr student: 15 000 Nok. This is for travel to/from Norway and short stay before/after the Conference. The conference is paid by NRSGH and free for all members. Please, contact NRSGH coordinator if you have any questions. Remember to stay updated by the Norwegian Governments traveling advice coming to Norway. 

The Organizing Committee

The Conference Committee consists of PhD students from most of the partner Universities participating in the Norwegian Research School of Global Health. In addition, one academic and one administrative staff from the host University and the NRSGH coordinator are supporting the Conference committee.


Hanne Ochieng Lichtwarck, UiO


Turid Austin Wæhler, UiT



Roosa Sofia TikkanenNTNU

Anand Singh Bhopal, UiB

Elin Yli Dvergsdal, Coordinator

Please contact the members of the committee if you have suggestions for the program or questions of practical matters.

03 Jun 2022