ARK  - Working Environment and climate research - is a comprehensive plan forimplementation of a working environment and climate survey developed by and for the higher education sector. Contact: Siw Tone Innstrand Kirsti Godal Undebakke

The Crace study - examines how home and neighbourhood place and space can promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles for different sorts of people within Australian society.
Crace is a newly suburb in Canberra and house around 4,000 residents in 1,500 homes when completed in 2015. Contact: Professor Monica Lillefjell

Evaluation of health promoting and preventive home visits for elderly in the municipality of Trondheim (2012- 2015) Contact: Line Oldervoll/Monica Lillefjell

Health on Thin Ice (HOTI) is a research and social innovation project that works with how to built better climate adjusted and health promoting living environments in an arctic climate. HOTI is a collaboration project between Luleå University (Sweden), Oulu University (Finland) and Greenland University (NUUK). Contact: Professor Geir Arild Espnes

Health promotion in adolescents: Investigation of health promoting indicators. Contact: PhD Unni Karin Moksnes.

Health promoting indicators in municipalities (2012-2016): Population Survey I. Aim: Identifying factors promoting health and quality of life. Contact: Monica Lillefjell

  • Sub-project; Health promoting communities – a salutogenic perspective, Contact: PhD candidate Ruca Maass

Health promoting local communities (2014-2015). Population Survey II. LEV VEL Municipality of Malvik.  Aim: Identifying factors promoting health and quality of life. Contact: Monica Lillefjell

Health Promotion – Worthwhile? Reorienting the community health care services.  The project will be executed in cooperation with Trondheim municipality, and is led by professor, dr. polit. Toril Rannestad and professor, dr. polit. Geir Arild Espnes. This project comprises six sub-projects:

  • Mental health in adolescents; Implementation of a health promoting intervention by school nurses in the school setting. Contact: PhD Unni Karin Moksnes.
  • Factors contributing to mental health and quality of life among siblings and parents after the loss of a child to cancer. Contact: associate professor, dr. philos. Mary-Elizabeth B. Eilertsen.
  • The experience, meaning and implementation of user participation in municipal healthy living centers. Contact: PhD Ola Bratås.
  • Effect, experience and implementation of a health promoting intervention for people with long-lasting pain at the healthy living centers. Contact: PhD Kjersti Grønning
  • Health promoting factors in The Joy-of-Life nursing homes. Contact: PhD Gørill Haugan.
  • Health promoting factors in The Joy-of-Life nursing homes; the impact of this national strategy on the quality of work culture among health care personnel. Contact: PhD Beate André. 

Health status, well-being and coping in patients with polyarthritis five years after participating in patient education” (HIST & The Trondheim University Hospital St.Olavs Hospital). Contact: PhD Kjersti Grønning

Healthy and Environmentally Sustainable Lives project (HESLI) - The overarching aim of this project  is to define effective inter-sector policies and interventions that promote health and wellbeing across the social gradient by tackling key environmental stressors and related inequalities in the areas of living, consuming and moving. Contact: Professor Geir Arild Espnes

Identification of positive work experiences in health care, Nursing homes in the municipality of Trondheim.(2010-2018). Contact: Beate André, assisstent professor, Rickard-Johan Skjong, PhD student.

Innovation in public sector. From knowledge to action – from action to knowledge (2012- 2016 ).  Aim: 1. Identify local and regional strengths and barriers in the ability to identify, translate, and use relevant evidence of "what works" in public health management. And 2. Improve the quality of public health work in local government by developing and testing models and methods to convert knowledge into practice and practice into knowledge. Contact: Professor Monica Lillefjell/Professor Geir Arild Espnes

"Living in rural settings" Health in adolescents living in rural settings in the county of Sør-Trøndelag Contact: PhD Unni Karin Moksnes.

Nursing documentation and implementation of nursing diagnoses, using the P(R)ES-struktur in collaboration with Trondheim University Hospital St. Olavs Hospital (2011-2015). Contact: Beate André, assisstent professor

Nursing Documentation in Trondheim Municipality. (2013-2016). Contact: Beate André, assisstent professor

Nursing bachelor students in research projects, (2012-2016). Contact: Beate André, assisstent professor

“Patient education in Rheumatology in Norway” (HiST & The Trondheim University Hospital St.Olavs Hospital in cooperation with the National resource center for rehabilitation in rheumatology (NKRR).Contact: PhD Kjersti Grønning

Positive mental health – from what to how is a PhD project aiming to contribute to the knowledge base of mental health, health promotion and protection of good mental health among persons with mental disorders. Contact: PhD student Nina Helen Mjøsund 

Promoting Active Aging in Public Health Care: Recognizing Patient Psychosocial Needs and Enhancing Doctor Interpersonal Competencies (Practa) is a project going on in Mazowia (around Warsaw) where medical doctors are trained to be more health promoting in their medical examinations of older people. One data collection is carried through. We are now designing the intervention a brand ned e-learning platform (For more information Contact: Professor Geir Arild Espnes

Regular structured expert meetings in nursing homes: effects on prevalence of neuropsychiatric symptoms in patients with cognitive impairment and care quality. A cluster-randomized controlled trial and qualitative study. PhD-thesis. Contact: Geir Tore Steinsvik

Religiousness – associations to existential well-being and social support in the secular Norwegian context Phd.- project Contact: Marianne Nilsen Kvande

Smart Healthy City - Øvre Rotvoll  -The project idea is based in two of NTNU´s strategic areas Health and Welfare technology and Sustainable Society Development collaborate on making the new city-part of Øvre Rotvoll a health promoting sustainable city part. Contact: Professor Geir Arild Espnes

Tidlig hjem til Strindheim [Early leave from hospital after birth delivery] 2014-2017. The project evaluates a new model of care (by means of an intervention, using an intervention group and a control group. The intervention comprises a home visit of community midwifes during the first 2-3 weeks after women's child-birth, in order to promote health among the children, the mothers and the new family. This project is a cooperation between HIST, St.Olavs University Hospital and Trondheim community health care services. Contact: Gørill Haugan

“Unravelling the Perspectives of People with Early Rheumatoid Arthritis on Preferred Outcomes of Treatment: a Longitudinal Qualitative Study in Four European Countries” (HIST &The Trondheim University Hospital St.Olavs Hospital). Contact: PhD Kjersti Grønning