Marine courses at NTNU

Marine courses at NTNU

Teaching facilities at NTNU SeaLab include a lecture room with space for up to 60 students, which is fully equipped with audio-visual equipment for video transfer. There are also two smaller meeting rooms with space for 10 people in each. There is a dedicated teaching lab with room for 20 people. The Faculty of Natural Sciences offers marine studies at bachelor, master and PhD level with activity at SeaLab. Students from other faculties can carry out lab work related to their thesis or other projects at our lab facilities (LINK). Students working at SeaLab can also apply for desk space in our open plan office. 

Annual number of bachelor students working at SeaLab: 35
Annual number of master students working at SeaLab: 33
PhD candidates working at SeaLab in 2022: 14

Photograph of a high-ceilinged room
Communal area for staff and students at NTNU SeaLab. Photo: Per Henning/NTNU

Relevant study programmes

Bachelor degrees

•    Bachelor in biology (marine biology and aquaculture)
•    Bachelor in engineering, aquaculture (BIHAV)

Master degrees

•    MSc Ocean Resources

Doctoral education

•    PhD education at NTNU