Infrastructure and facilities at NTNU SeaLab

Infrastructure and facilities at NTNU SeaLab

Teaching facilities 

The main lecture room at SeaLab has space for 60 students and is fully equipped with audio-visual equipment for video transfer. For smaller groups there are two meeting rooms with space for 10 people in each, which can be combined to one larger room if required. Additional facilities for students at SeaLab include:

  • A teaching lab with room for 20 people
  • Student desks in an open plan office
  • Rooms for groupwork
Photograph of students working at laboratory benches
The student lab at NTNU SeaLab. Photo: Bengt Finstad/NTNU

Experimental laboratories

The experimental laboratories at SeaLab are temperature-controlled and connected to both freshwater and seawater. The water temperature and flow can be regulated for experiments with fish, invertebrates, zooplankton and phytoplankton. Facilities include:

  • Climate-controlled room equipped for experiments and cultivation of cultures
  • Larviculture laboratory for controlled experiments with marine fish larvae and planktonic organisms – CODTECH*
  • Fish laboratory for experiments with fish up to 250g with possibility for recirculation (RAS)
  • Mini-RAS systems for research and development 
  • Raceway for fish up to 1000g
  • Laboratories for cultivating algae, Artemia and rotifers*
  • Macroalgae laboratory*

*Organised in collaboration with SINTEF Ocean

More information about exerimental labs 

Photograph of two people looking at green liquid in a test tube.
Experiment with algae in one of our climate controlled rooms. Photo: Per Henning/NTNU

Analytical laboratories

The experimental wet labs at SeaLab are supplemented by a range of laboratories for sampling and analysis of biological samples. This includes a morphological lab equipped for preparation of samples for different microscopy techniques, histochemistry / immunohistochemistry, and dying of cartilage and bones. There is also a biochemical lab for analysis av fatty acids, high-energy phosphates, amino acids, enzymes, proteins and hormones. 

More information about analytical labs 

Photograph of two people looking at a biological sample on a screen
Working with a cross section of a fish. Photo: Per Henning/NTNU

Book lab facilities at SeaLab

Book lab facilities at SeaLab

Employees at NTNU og SINTEF can find and book lab space at SeaLab on Bookitlab:


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Price list 2024

Commissioned research and external users: 189 NOK/hour

Sponsored research and internally financed users: 164 NOK/hour