Analytical laboratories

Analytical laboratories

SeaLab has a range of labs for preparation and analysis of biological samples. The labs are described in more detail on this page. 

Morphological laboratory

Main activities

•    Preparation of samples for different microscopy techniques, such as embedding in paraffin, Technovit (plastic) and Epon (light microscopy / TEM)
•    Histochemistry / immunohistochemistry
•    Dying of cartilage and bones in fish fry

Photograph of two people working at a laboratory bench
Working in the morphological lab. Photo: Per Henning/NTNU


•    Microtomes for paraffin / plastic
•    Ultramicrotomy
•    Tissue processor for paraffin and embedding station
•    Light microscopy, fluorescence microscopy and cameras
•    Stereomicroscopes with camera
•    Slide scanner for digitisation of tissue slides for microscopy
•    Digital pen display for morphological analysis 

Technician in charge

Biochemical laboratory

Biochemical laboratory

The biochemical lab at SeaLab is equipped for the following analyses:

  • Fatty acid composition of tissues using GC-MS*
  • Lipid classification using HPTLC*
  • High-energy phosphates and amino acids using HPLC*
  • Enzymes using spectrophotometer
  • Enzymes and algae using spectrofluorometer
  • Proteins and hormones using ELISA

* No operator for these instruments at present

Isotope laboratory

The isotope lab is classified for experiments using the radioactive isotopes C14 and tritium, as well as counting of samples using a beta counter.