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The subject of biology ranges from the actions going on inside cells, to the classification and behaviour of plants and animals, the evolution of species, and the interaction of ecosystems on Earth. Biology will help us understand the life that surrounds us, and it is the best tool we have in order to achieve sustainable development. Knowledge of biology is therefore needed in many different occupations and instances in society.

Why choose biology?
If you want to understand the relations in nature and you like your studies to be a good mix of practical work and theory, then our Bachelor program in biology suits you. Biologists works both in laboratories and in nature doing field work. Field courses and excursions are important parts of the biology program at NTNU. Our courses contain both academic and social elements, as well as the use of new instruments to keep students up to date with the advances in the various subject fields.

Biology also plays an important part in fighting diseases, in food production and other issues critical to mankind's future on the Earth. That is why biology is more important to the world than ever before!

Admission Samordna Opptak (sharing)


Language of instruction: Norwegian

You have to meet the Norwegian language requirements, or have a Scandinavian language as your mother tongue, if you want to  apply to any of NTNU's degree programmes.

You also must meet the basic requirement for admission, and demonstrate that you meet the English language requirements.

The application deadline for the programme is April 15th. Students apply through Samordna Opptak.


  • Study level: Bachelor
  • Study programme: Biology
  • Degree type: Bachelor of Science in Biology
  • Duration: Full-time
  • Credits: 180
  • Application code: 194327
  • Ordinary quota: 2019 52.2
  • Ordinary quota f. diploma: 2019 50.8
  • Unit: Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Application deadline: 15. april
  • Location: Trondheim