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Silicon for the Chemical and Solar Industry XVI

The Silicon for the Chemical and Solar Industry XVI took place on 14-16 June 2022 and was online (digital conference).

Thanks to all attendees and contributors to Silicon for the Chemical and Solar Industry XVI.

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Conference topics

Papers were encouraged to be submitted on all aspects of silicon production and the primary chemical processes.

  • Metallurgical Silicon Production (Raw materials, Process, Refining, Casting and Milling).
  • Metallurgical and Chemical Route to the Production of Solar Grade Silicon.
  • Characterization and analysis
  • Reactions, Catalysis, Mechanism by Production of Primary Products such as: Methylchlorosilanes, Trichlorosilane, Silicon Tetrachloride, Ethylchlorosilanes, Alkoxysilanes, other Silanes
  • Environmental Issues and Safety.
  • CO2 emissions and carbon neutrality in the silicon industry (biomass, new processes and process optimization, energy)
  • Circular economy
  • New applications of silicon



program tuesday

Tuesday 14 June, 2022

08:30 - 08:45
M. Tangstad
08:45 - 10:00

Session 1 - Environmental
08:45 Approaches Towards Sustainable Silicon and Silicon-Based Industries – A Review
K. Rimböck
Wacker Chemie AG

09:10 Technologies with potential for climate neutral silicon production
I.T. Kero, K.S. Osen, H. Dalaker

09:35 The supply of silicon - challenges and opportunities ahead
J. de Linde

10:00 - 10:30
Coffe break
10:30 - 11:45

Session 1 - Environmental (continued)
10:30 The Fit for 55 package and the European Climate Ambitions. An assessment of their impacts on the European Metallurgical Silicon Industry
N. Vinck

10:55 Can’t see the forest for coal: The environmental impacts from the use of bio-based materials in the silicon industry
A. Brekke, E. Soldal

11:20 Preliminary techno-economic considerations of the SisAl process - closing materials loops through industrial symbiosis
H. Philipson, K. Blandhol, K. Engvoll, V. Djupvik, M. Wallin, G. Tranell, T. Haarberg

11:45 - 12:45
12:45 - 14:00

Session 2 - New technology
12:45 On the Way to Silicon-Based Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries – Beyond Cycle Stability
J. Ranninger, S. Haufe
Wacker Chemie AG

13:10 Si-based structured agglomerates towards dense anodes for Lithium-ion battery with improved cycling performance
T. Wassmer, A. Amin, J. Lyubina, S. Bade, M. Loewenich, H. Wiggers, F. Özcan, D. Segets
Evonik Operations GmbH

13:35 Use of H2 and CH4 in the silicon process – a literature review
T.S. Aarnæs, E. Ringdalen, M. Tangstad

14:00 - 14:30
Coffe break
14:30 - 15:45

Session 2 - New technology (continued)
14:30 Investigation of a Novel Process for the Production of Silicon via the Selective Condensation of Silicon Monoxide
J. Pudack, J.-P. Mai, G. Raabe
JPM Silicon | JPM Technologies GmbH

14:55 Recycle of Si slurry kerf waste as high performance anode materials for Lithium-ion batteries
S. Zheng, S. Chen, Z. Fan, Z. Wang
Xiamen University

15:20 Fe-26Si-9B alloy as a Phase Change Material in Thermal Energy Storage System
J.Jiao, J.Safarian, M.Tangstad

End day 1

program wednesday

Wednesday 15 June, 2022

08:30 - 10:00

Session 3 - Halvard Tveit Symposium
08:30 Opening of the Halvard Tveit Symposium

08:45 A hybrid digital twin for optimal Si-production
K.J. Linnestad, K. Hildal, L.K. Jakobsson, S. Eidnes, V. Tjessem, E.L. Bjørnstad, S.O. Wasbø
Cybernetica AS

09:10 Energy recovery at Elkem Salten. An important step in emission reductions and improved environmental standard
N.E. Kamfjord, H. Delbeck, O. Sørdahl
Elkem ASA

09:35 Measurement and evaluation of tapping gas energy from the silicon furnace
V. Andersen, H. Gaertner, S. Grådahl, M. Ksiazek, K.E. Einarsrud, G. Tranell

10:00 - 10:30
Coffee break
10:30 - 12:10

Session 3 - Halvard Tveit Symposium (continued)
10:30 Effect of varying SiO contents on Si and FeSi production
S. Jayakumari, E. Ringdalen

10:55 New metallurgical way for the solar silicon production. The SisAl project
J. Bullon

11:20 Understanding FeSi and Si furnaces from "above"
Stein Tore Johansen

11:45 The Norwegian power-intensive metallurgical industry and its role in the global household
H. Tveit, V. Andersen
Elkem ASA

12:10 - 13:10
13:10 - 14:25

Session 4 - Furnace Optimization

13:10 The effect of solidification behavior of FeSi75 alloy on its disintegration
T.H. Wu, H.J. Wang
University of Science and Technology Beijing

13:35 Distribution behavior of titanium between ferrosilicon melt and CaO-SiO2-Al2O3 slag
M. Lee, T. Kim, S. Duan, H. Song, J. Park
Hanyang University

14:00 Electrical conditions in submerged arc furnaces: A web-based simulator
M. Sparta, M. Fromreide, V.K. Risinggård, S.A. Halvorsen
NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS

14:25 - 14:55
Coffee break
14:55 - 15:45

Session 4 - Furnace Optimization (continued)

14:55 Large electrode movements: Realistic electrical crater models
V.K. Risinggård, M. Sparta, M. Fromreide, S.A. Halvorsen
NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS

15:20 Electrical resistivity of charge materials in Si-furnaces
H. Hoover, M. Głowacki, G. Sævarsdóttir, M. Tangstad

End day 2

program thursday

Thursday 16 June, 2022

08:30 - 09:45

Session 5 - Silicon Purification and Circular Economy
08:30 Separation of Bulk Silicon from Si-Sn Melt under the Intensification of Electromagnetic Stirring
Y. Zeng, Y. Ren, W. Ma, K. Morita
Kunming University of Science and Technology

08:55 Electrical Resistivity in Silicon
E. Enebakk, J.O. Odden, K. Friestad
REC Solar

09:20 Silicon recovery via the acid leaching of a Si-Ca-Al alloy produced by the SisAl process
M. Zhu, A.S. Arntsen, J. Safarian

09:45 - 10:15
Coffee break
10:15 - 11:30

Session 6 - Application of Silicon
10:15 Dichlorosilan as Buildingblock for Organosilanes
J. Tillmann
Wacker Chemie AG

10:40 New eco-designed Silicones. How constraints help us to develop innovative products for UV coatings
F. Marchal, D. Blanc, L. Vovelle, J.M. Frances, P. Theil, R. Mirgalet, A. Boulègue-Mondière, C. Maliverney, S. Marrot
Elkem Silicones

11:05 Role of copper in the formation of carbon during direct synthesis of Methylchlorosilanes
M. Mahmoodina, F.L. Bleken, I.-H. Svenum, T. Røe, E. Blaser, S. Gouttebroze, H. J. Venvik

11:30 - 12:30
12:30 - 13:45

Session 6 - Application of Silicon (continued)
12:30 Understanding the Reasons for Erroneous Determinations of Boron in Silicon following Wet Chemical Digestion in HF/HNO3
A. Rietig, H.-J. Grafe, J. Acker
Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg

12:55 Slurry-phase direct synthesis of metylchlorosilanes and allylchlorosilanes from cyclone fines
K. M. Lewis, Y. Zhu, A.T. Mereigh, J. Razzano, J.D. Neely, D. Slick
Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

13:20 Investigation of the effect of a newly identified trace impurity on the reactivity and selectivity of the direct chlorination trichlorosilane synthesis reaction
A. Crawford, H.M. Rong, H. Kjønli
Alan Crawford Consulting LLC

13:45 - 14:15
Coffee break
14:15 - 15:05

Session 6 - Application of Silicon (continued)
14:15 Fluidization of silicon powder
J.O. Hoel, H. Kjønli, H.M. Rong
Elkem Silicon Product Development

14:40 Increased Runtimes for TCS Direct Chlorination FBR’s
L. Coleman
Consultant on Demand

End of SI-conference 2022