Conference Topics

XVI SI-Conference

Conference Topics

We invite you to submit paper on all aspects of silicon production and the primary chemical processes.

  • Metallurgical Silicon Production (Raw materials, Process, Refining, Casting and Milling).
  • Metallurgical and Chemical Route to the Production of Solar Grade Silicon.
  • Characterization and analysis
  • Reactions, Catalysis, Mechanism by Production of Primary Products such as: Methylchlorosilanes, Trichlorosilane, Silicon Tetrachloride, Ethylchlorosilanes, Alkoxysilanes, other Silanes
  • Environmental Issues and Safety.
  • CO2 emissions and carbon neutrality in the silicon industry (biomass, new processes and process optimization, energy)
  • Circular economy
  • New applications of silicon

RSB Time Place

Time and place
Silicon for the Chemical and Solar Industry XVI
14-16 June 2022
Online (digital conference)

Important dates

Important dates
Abstract submission: 1 Dec.2021
Notification of acceptance of abstracts: 15 Jan. 2022
Paper submission: 1 Apr. 2022


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