Global Inequality


Global Inequality

People sitting outside of an straw house. Photo.

The research group «Global inequality» includes both research and education. The group addresses the fundamental research task in anthropology; to highlight local and global processes that create cultural and social equalities and inequalities. The research group emphasizes in particular the understanding of global inequalities. These are the recent research areas:

  • “Livelihoods” or ways of living; how people adjust to their environment in processes of change, also with emphasis on sustainable development.
  • Africa: The research group has a particular, but not exclusive, focus, , on this region, and includes emphasis on global and comparative perspectives.
  • The past and the future in the present. How the past is updated and is represented in the present and how different visions of the future influence present choices and actions.  

Both these research areas and the general focus of this research group are represented in the Department’s education at all levels, also as special courses in the course portfolio of our study programs.