MGLU5232 - Master Thesis in Arts and Craft Education


Lessons are not given in the academic year 2020/2021

Course content

The Master's thesis is an independent scientific work of a field/subject by the student him/herself. The assignment can be designed as a monograph or as an article collection with a bridging text surrounding the articles.
Tutorials is an important component in the work on the master's thesis. They ensure that the student has the necessary knowledge and entails a necessary control when generating, analysing, and interpreting data. Tutorials are therefore a compulsory part of the subject.

Learning outcome

The candidate
- has broad and specialized knowledge of central arts and crafts pedagogical topics and issues
- has specialized knowledge of the topic and research field of art and craft that the student has been working on in his thesis
- has knowledge about the scientific, arts and crafts education, and pedagogical theories and methods used in the Master’s thesis
- has knowledge of academic writing, research ethics and insight into research traditions of art and craft
- has knowledge about scientific theory, methodology, and methods for generating and analysing data
- has knowledge of critical discussion and reflection in dialogue with an academic, artistic, and art and crafts community
- can articulate, discuss, initiate, and participate in art and craft-related debates and practices in a reflected and independent manner

The candidate
- can analyse and critically assess relevant arts and craft research and development works, and exploit various sources of information to structure and formulate academic reasoning
- can orient themselves in and exploit national and international research literature in arts and crafts, as well as identify and assess relevant research-based knowledge to illuminate issues within the selected field/subject
- can generate, document, and study complex art and craft knowledge in their own research and developmental work
- can use and assess different approaches to arts and crafts research and artistic development in an autonomous way
- can prepare, carry out, and publish research and artistic development work in the arts and crafts under the guidance and in line with applicable research principles

General competence

The candidate
- can use their knowledge and skills in new arts and crafts areas to contribute to further knowledge development in the research field of arts and crafts
- can communicate extensive independent work and master the forms of expression and testimony that the student has worked with in their thesis
- can communicate arts and crafts issues, analyses, and conclusions within the arts and crafts educational and artistic area
- can utilise scientific and theoretical perspectives and contribute to new thinking and innovation processes in arts and crafts educational contexts

Learning methods and activities

All students shall come to an agreement on the completion of the Master’s thesis. The agreement confirms that the subject of the thesis is approved and that the parties are familiar with and have accepted guidelines for implementation. Guidance of the Master’s thesis should begin in the first academic year.

Compulsory assignments

  • Compulsory assignments according to course description

Further on evaluation

Required Activities:
1. Guidance with assigned supervisor while working on the conduct of the research and writing of the Master’s thesis.
2. Attending the Master’s seminar
3. Final seminar with the emergence of the student’s master project
4. Opposition to a fellow student’s Master’s thesis

Mandatory work requirements are evaluated with approved/disapproved.

Master’s thesis with letter Grade.

Specific conditions

Exam registration requires that class registration is approved in the same semester. Compulsory activities from previous semester may be approved by the department.

Admission to a programme of study is required:
Primary and Lower Secondary Teacher Education for Years 1-7 (MGLU1-7)
Primary and Lower Secondary Teacher Education for Years 5-10 (MGLU5-10)

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Version: 1
Credits:  30.0 SP
Study level: Second degree level


Language of instruction: Norwegian

Location: Trondheim

Subject area(s)
  • Teacher Education
Contact information
Course coordinator:

Department with academic responsibility
Department of Teacher Education



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