PLU8027 - Teacher Education Research


This course is no longer taught and is only available for examination.

Course content

This is a researcher's course on how to conduct teacher educational research, with a focus on both domestic and foreign research views and practice within the field. It is preferred that participants use data and findings from their own research projects for course assignments.

Learning outcome

The candidate has the following knowledge:

  • Domestic and foreign views and practice within the field of field of teaching professional research.

The candidate has the following skills:

  • Methodical skills relevant to the field in practice.

The candidate has the following general competencies:

  • Extensive insight into a variety of research approaches, including related validity and reliability issues.
  • Extensive knowledge of the theoretical foundations of a variety of research approaches.

Learning methods and activities

The course is integrated in the teaching program of The Norwegian National Research School in Teacher Education (NAFOL) and course activities will take place at seminars, both domestic and abroad, over a four-year period. Course activities includes lectures, group-discussions, individual and study group work, and student presentations. A seminar attendance of minimum 80 % is required to pass the course. Students are to present their own research to fellow students and teachers at the seminars. The teacher acts as critic and provides written or oral guidance after their presentations.

Compulsory assignments

  • compulsary work
  • 80% compulsary attendance

Further on evaluation

A seminar attendance of minimum 80 %, approved assignments and presentation are required to pass the course.

Required previous knowledge

Admission to PhD Program.

Admission requirements: The course requires admission to NAFOL - The National Research School in Teacher Education. The last admission to NAFOL was made in the spring of 2019.

NAFOL students must be affiliated with one of NAFOL's network institutions through institutional funding and / or through admission to one of the network institutions' PhD programs.

Course materials

Core curriculum: Borko, H., Liston, D., & Whitcomb, j. A. (2007). Genres of empirical research in teacher education, Journal of Teacher Education, 58, (1): 3-11. Grossman, P. & McDonald, M. (2010). Back to the future: Directions for Research in Teaching and Teacher Education. American Educational Research Journal, 45 (1):184-205. Loughran, J. (2014). Professionally developing as a teacher educator, Journal of Teacher Education, 65 (4): 271-283. Vanassche, E. & Kelchtermans, G. (2014). Facilitating self-study of teacher education practices: Toward a pedagogy of teacher educator professional development Professional Development in Education, Norges Forskingsråd (2004). Kunnskapsstatus for forskningsprogrammet KUPP. Kunnskapsutvikling i profesjonsutdanning og profesjonsutvikling. Additional recommended supplement litterature.

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Version: 1
Credits:  5.0 SP
Study level: Doctoral degree level



Language of instruction: English, Norwegian

Location: Trondheim

Subject area(s)
  • School Development
Contact information

Department with academic responsibility
Department of Teacher Education


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