Master of Architecture

Master's Degree Programme, 2 years

Master of Architecture

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Master of Architecture

Would you like to create beautiful buildings that will outlast you? Would you like to shape aesthetic and practical surroundings to people's delight? Do you want to work within a fascinating profession?

The two-year Master's degree programme in architecture builds on a bachelor's degree in architecture and is the same as the last two years in the five-year Master's programme at NTNU.

By following this  programme you will be trained as a creative planner in one of Norway's largest industries. Planning and building activities in Norway amount to more than NOK 100 billion every year. The architect's main area of responsibility and knowledge is the shaping of our physical surroundings with a view to quality, practical use and aesthetic value.


At NTNU we make sure our lecturers are highly skilled professionals. Landscape architects, interior decorators, advanced engineers, philosophers, sociologists, industrial designers and art historians teach alongside performing artists, but the majority of our teachers are trained architects. This is a presumption in order for our students to learn how to include the different architectural aspects in their work.

A project and problem based programme

Through project assignments and lectures the students will learn how to approach problems of various natures, and solve them in an aesthetical, practical and resource-friendly manner.
Parallel to the projects, we teach various theoretical, analytical and practical subjects which provide the basis for the creative process.'


The two-years Master's programme gives the students the opportunity to choose courses within the following areas:

  • Planning of buildings and building environments for industry and business, public institutions and housing
  •  Form and function, creative processes and planning methodology
  • Technical and financial aspects of architectural activities. Construction engineering, technical installations, building economy, building management and computer engineering
  • Drawing, plastic form, use of colours and aesthetic communication
  • The theory and history of architecture; protection, renovation and improvement of buildings and building environments
  • City and town development, physical planning.


Excursions in Norway and abroad are an important element of the programme. The students' sense of form is trained through personal observations of surroundings and objects. Studies of both historical and modern examples are important in the learning process.


Programme facts

Programme facts

Grade level: Master
Duration: 5 years, 300 ECTS
Programme code: MAAR
Restricted admission: Yes
Language of instruction: Norwegian
Location: Norway, Trondheim

Host Faculty:
Faculty of Architecture and Design

Host Departments: 
Department of Architecture and Planning/
Department of Architecture and Technology