Master in Physical Planning

Master's degree programme, 2 years, Trondheim

Master in Physical Planning

– About the programme

About the program

The Faculty of Architecture and Design offers a two-year long master's degree programme in Physical Planning. On completion you will be awarded the title Master of Physical Planning. This programme is designed for those who wish to specialize within physical planning in accordance with the Planning and Building Act.

A degree in Physical Planning will qualify you to participate in community planning and shaping of our physical surroundings. You will partake in creating our future and influence people's everyday lives.

The  programme puts emphasis on sustainability, integration between land use and transport, and the use of digital and GIS-based tools.

Working with physical plans require qualifications from different special fields, and the master's programme is offered to candidates holding a bachelor's degree or corresponding qualifications from a variety of academic fields.
Examples of relevant academic backgrounds are:

  • land use planning 
  • engineering 
  • art subjects 
  • transport studies
  • social sciences 
  • cultural heritage 
  • nature management/ecology 
  • economy
  • administration and management
  • pedagogics

There is a great need for competence in physical planning, both in public management and private businesses.

Read more about the programme on the Norwegian website


The language of instruction is Norwegian.

However, the following courses will be taught in English:

2. semester

  • AAR4215
  • AAR4225

3. semester

  • AAR4874 
  • FP4350