Physical Planning


Physical Planning

With a degree in Physical Planning, you may participate in the social planning and shaping of our physical surroundings. You will partake in creating a part of our future and influence people's everyday lives.

The Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art/Department of Urban Design and Planning offers a new two-year long Master's degree programme in Physical Planning. NTNU is the only Norwegian university offering this programme, and on completion you will be awarded the title Master of Physical Planning. This programme is designed for those who wish to specialize within physical planning and those who wish to take part in the general planning process.

Perhaps your unique academic background could help improve physical plans?

When working with physical plans, qualifications from different special fields are required. For this reason, the Master's programme is offered to candidates holding a Bachelor's degree or corresponding qualifications from various programmes. Examples of relevant academic backgrounds are area planning, engineering, art subjects, transport studies, social sciences, cultural heritage, nature management/ecology, economy, administration and management, and pedagogics.

The purpose of the programme is to provide qualifications in physical planning and integration of various considerations required for master and local planning. At the same time, you will learn about the processes related to plan and building regulations and informal interaction. You will be trained in preparing plans and using GIS in physical planning.

Students may choose between different subject profiles based on their academic backgrounds and interests:

  • Municipal Planning
  • Landscape and Ecology
  • Cultural Environment
  • Plans and Projects

The necessary comprehensiveness and complexity of the plans require a high level of capacity and qualifications. A great number of plans are prepared by private enterprises, and when the plans are discussed by public departments, excellent qualifications are needed ‘on both sides of the table'.

Master's Degree in Physical Planning

1st semester
Master Planning, Landscape Planning and GIS, Building Tradition and Area Development, ELECTIVE COURSE

2nd semester
Local Planning, Biological Resources, Local Public Finance and Planning, ELECTIVE COURSE

3rd semester
Planning Theory and Planning Process Skills, Plan and Building Regulations, Project Assignment in Physical Planning, ELECTIVE COURSE

4th semester
Master's thesis