Energy and the Environment

MSc programme, 2 years

Energy and the Environment

– About the programme

This programme is meant for Scandinavian speaking students.

Global climate change is perhaps the largest environmental challenge of our time, and is tightly linked to our use of energy. The sound and efficient use of our energy resources is imperative if we are to address this problem. We offer a master’s programme that enables candidates with a bachelor’s degree in electric power engineering to further expand their expertise in the energy-related disciplines.

This study programme is new from autumn 2010. The programme is meant for students with a bachelor degree from a Norwegian or Nordic university college.
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We also offer an international study programme Electric Power Engineering.


Facts about the programme


Degree: Master of Science in Engineering
Duration: 2 years, 120 ECTS
Programme code: MIENERG
Restricted admission: Yes
Language of instruction: Norwegian

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
Department of Electric Power Engineering

City: Trondheim, Norway
Application deadline: 15 April

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FELLESARTIKKEL: Gjelder aktuell internasjonale masterprogram innenfor teknologi


The candidate has earned the right to use the Norwegian professional title sivilingeniør. This right is legally protected in Norway.