Advanced Engineering study programme in Marine Technology, 2 years (

Marine Technology

– About the Degree programme

Norway is a leading country within marine technology and industry. NTNU holds a technical and scientific competence in marine technology that is among the best universities of the world:

The Master's Degree in Marine Technology study programme, offers seven  specialisation directions called main profiles.

The main profiles are:

  1. Marine Structures
  2. Marine Cybernetics
  3. Marine Hydrodynamics
  4. Safety and Asset Management
  5. Marine Engineering
  6. Marine Design and Logistics
  7. Marine Resources and Aquaculture

Here is the related 2-years International Master's of Science Degree in Marine Technology study programme. International applicants should apply to the international master of science degree – see “Admissions” below.


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Study environment

The Department of Marine Technology (IMT) is a leader within marine technology education, and it is offerring a wide spectrum of experience that you will not be able to get anywhere else. This marine environment in Norway is wellknown world wide, and the research and development often create new standards. As one of our students, you will meet highly qualified professionals who are involved in both research and education.It is difficult to find laboratories equally modern and advanced, as those at The Marine Technological Centre in Trondheim.

The study programme marine technology has been located at the Department of Marine Technology (IMT) for many years. It has long educational traditions. The advanced laboratories at the Marine Technology Centre, provide unique opportunities for research activities. It holds one of NTNU's three Centres of Excellence (Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems- AMOS). Maritime and marine research is one of NTNU's six priority areas.


  • International applicants - The 2 years Master's Degree in Marine Technology study programme, is nearly identical to The 2 years International Master's of Science Degree in Marine Technology study programme. However, the application procedures are different. International applicants should utilize the particular forms found on the pages of The 2 years International Master's of Science Degree in Marine Technology study programme.
  • Admission for engineers - Applicants with a Norwegian or Nordic educational background, may seek admission to the international study programme, but may also seek admission to The 2 years Master's Degree in Marine Technology study programme, (2-årig masterprogram - MIMART). Engineers having a Bachelor's degree and who are meeting the Norwegian language requirements, should apply through the university and colleges admission service (Samordnet opptak ).

Degree Type
Master of Science in Marine Technology

2 years (MIMART)

Language of instruction

Trondheim, Tyholt

Faculty of Engineering

Marine Technology

Contact information

Telephone: (+47) 73 59 37 00

Postal address:
Faculty of Engineering
Høgskoleringen 6, NTNU
7491 Trondheim