Professional Teaching Practice

Master, 2 years

Professional Teaching Practice

– About the programme

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This programme is taught in Norwegian.

How can more knowledge about research and development give us a better school? How can I as a teacher contribute to this? Explore your opportunities through our master's programme in Professional Teaching Practice.

The master's programme makes you qualified for teaching with an emphasis on development in primary school, secondary school and upper secondary school, and in the district colleges. The study also provides you with competence in supervision of teacher education students related to their practical training in school. You will acquire a theoretical and methodological basis for further research, which also makes you qualified to apply for further studies on PhD level.

The master's programme provides you with a thorough insight in the following areas, among others:

  • Qualitative method and research and development
  • Learning and socialization
  • Project design
  • Teacher life, school and democracy
  • Educational history and educational politics