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Biology (Master's Programme)

What will you learn?

Two students are looking at samples in a lab. Photo.
Photo: Kim Ramberghaug/NTNU

Help Solve the Climate Crisis: Come Study Biology in Norway

This two-year International Master in Biology offers a practical, and theoretical, study of living organisms and how they interact with changing environments. Biology studies are essential to solving the challenges concerning the effects of climate change, pollution on biological diversity, and ecosystem services. When you opt to study biology in Norway at NTNU, you play an essential role in solving climate challenges.

When you choose to study biology in Norway at NTNU, you will have access to research laboratories with cutting-edge instrumentation. Studying with us means that you may choose to do fieldwork at our field stations along the Norwegian coast and in the Dovre Mountains, or as far away as Tanzania and Svalbard.

English is the primary teaching language in all of our Master's courses. Supervision of the Master's projects are by the Department of Biology and Department of Natural History, and often co-supervisors from other research entities such as NINA or SINTEF are involved.