Ocean Resources

Master's degree programme, 2 years, Trondheim

Ocean Resources

Marine biotechnology


Ocean Resources

Specialization in MSOCEAN:

Marine biochemistry and -technology

  • Industrial biotechnology
  • Molecular genetics/genomics 
  • Microbial and seaweed based feed resources 

The specialization Marine Biochemistry and -technology has a focus on molecular genetics, genomics and biochemistry of farmed animal and marine seeweed species, and on ecosystem components. Genomic characterisation of microalgae for use in biotechnology is a focus, and salmon lice genetics/genomics has more recently became a focus together with genomics in nutrition of juvenile and adult animals. Genomic research related to challenges in salmon breeding is an upcoming field of research. The activities in marine genomics is in the forefront of international research.

The limited availability of marine type lipids high in long-chain n-3 fatty acids are a potential show-stopper for the fast developing aquaculture industry worldwide. Planktonic copepods, krill, mesopelagic fishes and seaweed represents possible feed resources, but a main focus of research is currently on large scale production of suitable microorganisms in biotechnological systems. Thraustochytrids, microalgae and heterotrophic bacteria and are among the interesting groups of microorganisms. The research has microbial, biochemical, genetic, and physiological aspects along with the challenges to establish production systems.

A specific focus is biochemical characterisation of seaweed with a specific objective of establishing new resources of proteins and other ingredients for fish feed. Laminaria species are important, but other groups of organisms like insects and worms can become relevant.

In the specialization Marine biochemistry and -technology, MSc students have the option of undertaking relevant MSc project in well-equipped laboratories managed by different research groups and research partners. Students will get broad knowledge on the key research issues in master projects and in lectures given in the master programme.

04 Mar 2020