Master's Degree Programme, 5 years

Industrial Economics and Technology Management

– About the degree programme

Industrial Economics and Technology Management

The programme of study in Industrial economics and technology management results in a Master of Science degree, and provides a perfect starting point for those who wish to pursue a career in technology, management and economics. NTNU is the leading Norwegian university in this discipline, and offers one of the most respected and desirable educations in the country.

Who should apply

This programme of study attracts students who are interested in natural sciences, and who want to study both economics and technology. This demanding programme provides exactly this opportunity. Students acquire knowledge from several very different disciplines, and learn to master complex issues.

Interdisciplinary teamwork is a major focus in this programme, providing students with skills that are sought after in industry, and opening doors to many interesting jobs.


The programme spans five years for students admitted directly from upper-secondary education.

Language of instruction

The programme is offerered in Norwegian, but several courses are lectured in English.

Supplementary information about the programme is available in Norwegian.


Degree: Master of Science in Engineering
Programme code: MTIOT
Language of instruction: Norwegian

Duration: 2 years, 120 ECTS
Restricted admission: Yes

Department of Industrial Economics
and Technology Management

Faculty of Economics and Management

City: Trondheim
Application deadline: 15 April