<h1 class="display-custom mt-4">Geotechnology</h1>

Master's Degree Programme 5 years, Trondheim


Norwegian MTTEKGEO

This programme is taught in Norwegian.

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  We will not accept any new applicants for this study programme. From 2023 Master in Geotechnology will be replaced with Master in Engineering Geology.

About Master in Geotechnology

Do you want to create a safer everyday life for people who are threatened by landslides, rockslides and other geotechnical natural disasters? Do you want to extract resources from the earth that the society is dependent on today and in the future, at the same time as you are playing on the same team as the environment?

Master in Geotechnology consist of geology, engineering subjects and computer technology. Among other tings, you will learn to forecast and prevent landslides, build safe tunnels and other underground constructions and extract mineral resources. How environmental damage can be avoided is an important focus in the programme of study.

You can choose one of the following main profiles:

  • Technical Resource Geology and Mineral Production
  • Engineering and Environmental Geology