Master's Degree Programme 5 years, Trondheim


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About Geotechnology

Do you want to create a safer everyday life for people who are threatened by landslides, rockslides and other geotechnical natural disasters? Do you want to learn how to build safe infrastructures such as tunnels, bridgeheads, wind farms and other geological constructions?

Do you want to extract resources from the earth that the society is dependent on today and in the future, at the same time as you are playing on the same team as the environment? Then, geotechnology is something for you. 

Geotechnology combines knowledge about the Earth, locally and globally, with an understanding for humans' increasing need for non-renewable resources and limited space. As an advanced engineer in Geotechnology you will manage the recovery of rocks, minerals, uncompacted material, subsoil water, coal and oil. You also learn how to place tunnels and other underground constructions, and how damage environmental damage and pollution can be avoided.

You can choose one of the following main profiles:

  • Engineering- and Environmental Geology
  • Mineral Production

Norwegian MTTEKGEO

This programme is taught in Norwegian.

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Study programme: Geotechnology
Language of instruction: Norwegian

Duration: 5 years, 300 ECTS
Programme code: MTTEKGEO

Faculty of Engineering

City: Trondheim
Application deadline: 15th April

The information is valid for the current academic year

Contact information

Contact information

Telephone: (+47) 73 59 37 00

Postal address:
Faculty of Engineering
Høgskoleringen 6, NTNU
7491 Trondheim