Master of Science in Didactics – Vocational Education


Master of Science in Didactics – Vocational Education

There will be no admission to this study programme in 2020/2021.

This programme is taught in Norwegian.

About the programme (myrk)

How can you contribute to the development and research in vocational subjects? How can we get more people to choose vocational program areas? How can you develop and improve the quality of vocational subjects in secondary education? How to become a better vocational teacher? 

Master of vocational education is particularly geared towards vocational teachers, instructors, professional managers and others working with vocational education and training and skills development in education, business and the public sector. The program places great emphasis on practice and the development of and reflection on their own professional practice. The study is based on the individual student's initial academic or vocational qualifications, industry or business skills needs and future developments.