Computer Science

PhD programme (doctoral education), Trondheim–Gjøvik

Computer Science

– Student interviews

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Explores how to design meaningful coding learning experiences

Name: Sofia Papavlasopoulou
Study program: Computer Science
Graduated from NTNU: 2019

I was really excited to have the opportunity to work on a project with focus on creative coding experiences for children, says Sofia Papavlasopoulou, who recently finished her PhD.

I am extremely happy that my research is interdisciplinary!

Name: Katerina Mangaroska
Study program: PhD in Computer Science at Department of Computer Science, IE Faculty NTNU
Graduated from NTNU: October 2020

Working on interdisciplinary research and with emerging technologies is very challenging and opens many possibilities for creativity and advancement, says Katerina Mangaroska, PhD student in computer science.


Taking a PhD gives you freedom to immerse deeply into a particular topic

Name: Francesco Valerio Gianni
Study program: Computer Science
Graduated from NTNU (annual): 2019

Witnessing how your work directly impacts the users is a mind-opening and enriching experience, says researcher Francesco Valerio Gianni. – It´s one of the best things about taking a PhD!

I get to solve problems that no one has solved before!

Name: Madeleine Lorås
Study program: Computer Science, my PhD will be completed in autumn 2021.

I am acquiring new knowledge while helping to develop what we already know. I think that's a pretty cool job! says Madeleine Lorås. – A PhD also opens up many opportunities in both academia and industry.