PhD in Industrial Design

PhD in Industrial Design

The doctoral programme is closely linked with the research activity at the Department of Product Design. Research fields, to name a few, are:

  • Design methodology
  • Interaction design (Man Machine)
  • Ecodesign
  • Design strategy

A list of recent publications can be found that reflect current research interests at the department.

Interested? - Contact us

The Department of Product Design encourages interested candidates that are interested in enrolling in our doctoral programme to contact the department. Candidates with (1) excellent research ideas/proposals that can be tied to the department's focus areas, and (2) who posess the relevant background (curriculum vitae) are likely to receive an invitation for further discussion. We strongly encourage you to include a funding plan with your research proposal, as generally, the department is not in the position to directly allocate funding to PhD positions.

For information regarding the programme structure, applicable rules and forms, see the doctoral programme pages for the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology.

Review and response

It should be noted that, although all applications will be read, candidates that send application e-mails which are not in line with the above, will receive a polite but standard rejection message, or no answer at all.

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