Faculty of Economics and Management


The Faculty is to appoint the supervisor(s). When more than one supervisor is appointed, one of them is to have the main disciplinary responsibility for the candidate’s work. The main supervisor is to be responsible to the supervision. The supervisor is to be a professor or associate professor at NTNU.

Change of supervisor/appointment of subsidiary supervisor

The candidate or supervisor forwards an application of change of supervisor (s) directly to the Department that administers the PhD Programme. The application must be substantiated. An application of change of supervisor (s) is determined by the Faculty on recommendation from the Department. The recommendation from the Department must enclose documentation that the candidate, previous and possible remaining and recommended supervisor (s), are informed and have been given the opportunity of making a statement about the change.

A subsidiary supervisor may be appointed. The same requirements are necessary as when appointing main supervisor (s). The Department must cover possible costs of appointing external subsidiary supervisors. When appointing a subsidiary supervisor, the main supervisor (affiliated to NTNU) holds the formal and real responsibility for the candidate. The same academic requirements apply to the supplementary supervisor.

Supervision is regulated by changes in the PhD Agreement. The Faculty forward Part B of the Agreement for signing when changes in supervision is decided. The form is to be signed by the candidate, the new and remaining supervisor (s), the Department (Head of Department) and the Faculty.