PhD programme, 3 years

Information Technology

– Educational components

Educational components

Courses should be selected in relation to the thesis.

The IE faculty may approve up to one (1) course at the PhD level to be included as a part of the educational component of the PhD programme, where the examination was completed before the completion of a master's degree.

The PhD candidate shall participate in the obligatory PhD introductory seminar.

Candidates may be required to follow the course DT8108 IT in addition to the 30 credits that are required by the regulations.

Emnekode Emnenavn ECTS
Ph.d. course* 7,5
Ph.d. course* 7,5
Ph.d. course* 7,5
Ph.d. course* 7,5

*Ph.d. courses that are tought at Department of Computer Science in Trondheim autum 2017/spring 2018.

At least 20 ECTS must be taken after admission to the programme.

If you wish to include a master degree course as part of your coursework, you must achieve the grade "B" or better.

Courses you wish to include in the coursework cannot be older than two (2) years at admission to the programme.

At NTNU there are both three-year and four-year PhD positions. If you have a four-year PhD-position, required duties make up 25 per cent of your workload.

We emphasize that you should have three year net time to work on your PhD itself and the required duties should not delay your doctoral training. Your required duties are regulated by the Regulations for the required duties and employment conditions for PhD-candidates at NTNU (official version only available in Norwegian). 

As far as possible, required duties outside the research activites should be relevant to your doctoral education. 

Relevant required duties may include:

  • Contribute to teaching, laboratory and practice teaching, supervision and exam work within your areas of expertise
  • Provide training in the use and operation of research infrastructure
  • Participating in dissemination, exhibitions and collection activities
  • Work associated with research administration in connection with organization of academic conferences or assistance in the preparation of applications for research projects
  • Courses in university teaching, training in health, safety and the environment (HSE), and similar, which are regarded as necessary for carrying out the required duties
  • Statutory elected positions in the university’s board and councils, as well as mandatory committee work without remuneration. A maximum of three months’ required duties in total may be approved for such tasks.