Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical Sciences

PhD programme (doctoral education)

Research means often to find solutions together. Photo: Geir Mogen.

Studier PHD-faktaboks

Would you like to conduct research on mathematics?

The PhD programme in Mathematical Sciences is intended for students who want to do research on mathematical sciences or mathematical didactics. You will be able to contribute to the development of new theory in mathematical sciences and new application of mathematical scinces, or a better understanding of mathematical didactics. You will be able to benefit from a broad range of research specializations offered by a large and research-intensive department, and you will have an opportunity to do research at a high international level.

A broad spectre of research specializations is available, offered by a large and research-intensive faculty that also gives access to international research.

Academically, the programme of study is linked to the field of mathematical sciences, but may also include interdisciplinary fields of research where main profile is within mathematical sciences.

Some of the main fields within mathematical sciences are linked to research that covers a wide range of mathematics, mathematical didactics, numerics and statistics, both as theoretical subject areas and in interaction with natural sciences and technology.

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The PhD programme is a three-year programme that is normally based on a five-year master’s degree or some other equal education. The programme consists of a coursework section of 30 ECTS credits and a doctoral thesis. 

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The PhD education is the highest level of education in Norway. A doctoral degree in Mathematical Sciences gives innumerable exciting career path opportunities in academia, business and industry and the public sector. 

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The conditions for admission to a PhD programme are that funding is in place and that a five-year higher education programme, or some other equal education, has been successfully completed.

The grade requirement is B or better from master’s programmes and C or better from bachelor’s programmes. 

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If you have any questions about PhD studies, please get in touch with our counselors. They can answer academic and administrative questions about the PhD studies.

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