PhD Programme in Medicine and Health Sciences

The PhD programme in Medicine and Health Sciences covers a wide range of sub-disciplines and the research training and courses will be customized to meet the individual needs of the candidate and the project.

The PhD programme in Medicine and Health Sciences has replaced previous PhD programmes in Public Health, Neuroscience, Molecular Medicine, Clinical Medicine and Health Sciences. PhD candidates admitted to these programmes can choose whether to apply for a transition to the PhD programme in Medicine and Health Sciences or to continue on the PhD programme they were admitted to.

Admission requirement

For admission to the PhD programme you must have a Master's degree or similar in a subject that is relevant to the programme, and a weighted average grade that correspond to A or B according to NTNU's grading scale.

Scope of the PhD education

The PhD education has a nominal duration of 3 years of full-time study, and includes required coursework comprising a minimum of 30 credits. The most important component of the PhD education is an independent piece of research carried out under active academic supervision.

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