Admission to PhD Programme

In the event of employment as a PhD research fellow, application of admission into PhD programme must be approved and agreed upon within 3 months of employment start date.

Admission requirements
For admission to the PhD programme the applicant must have a Master's degree or similar in a subject that is relevant to the programme he or she is applying for. The applicant must have a strong background in the field of study from previous studies, and a weighed average grade for the last two years (corresponding to 120 study credits) in the Master's degree programme, or similar, corresponding to the grade B or better using NTNU's grading scale.

Project description
When applying, a full project plan must be submitted. To commence a PhD training programme, the applicant must therefore first contact the research community in question, reach an agreement on a supervisor and draw up a plan for the research projects that are to be part of the PhD programme.

Admission procedures:
a) Admission to the PhD programme at DMF (the Faculty of Medicine) can be granted at any point in time in the academic year, application deadline is the 1st every month.

b) An application for admission (using a standardized form with attachments) must be sent to the department where the student and his or her supervisor have their academic ties. The department then quality assures the formal aspects of the application and undertakes an administrative assessment before the application is forwarded to the programme board for the PhD programme in question.

c) The programme board undertakes an academic assessment of the application and makes its recommendation to candidate's faculty as to whether or not the application should be granted.

d) The candidate's faculty then uses this recommendation in making the final decision for or against admission. The applicant will receive the admission or refusal within 6 weeks from application deadline witch is the 1st of every month. Copy of the decision is sent to the department in question and the programme's host faculty.

e) A candidate whose academic studies cover under a number of PhD programmes may choose which programme to apply to for admission.

Any financial liabilities and benefits, as well as academic credit, shall belong to the faculty where the candidate is being supervised and has his or her academic ties.