This programme is no longer active - Please see:

PhD in Engineering

PhD Program in Production and Quality Engineering

Each doctoral candidate's study is typically financed by a research fellowship. The Department of Production and Quality Engineering can provide information about available positions. See also, a list of posted vacancies on the NETTOPP. For applicable procedures, rules, and forms see the doctoral programme pages for the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology (IVT).

The Department of Production and Quality Engineering bears a national responsibility in terms of development and education in the discipline, and for the basic profile of basic education in this field. As such, a particularly high premium is placed on academic excellence.

This PhD programme develops new knowledge, both theoretical and in terms of practical applications. A significant portion of the study programme and research is empirically based, requiring extensive use of modern laboratories and equipment. Company based case studies are also used extensively.

The topic of one's doctoral thesis will normally be confined to research and development projects that are being carried out in the department or within the associated research groups. The following research areas are currently of particular relevance:

  • Flexible production
  • Logistics
  • Product and operations modeling
  • Quality management and performance measurement
  • Safety and reliabilitiy