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The PhD programme in Economics

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Economic research is an important input to political decision-making by clarifying relationships among economic variables and the consequences of different policy alternatives. The purpose of the PhD-program is to educate candidates that are able to conduct economic research at a high scientific level.

The program runs over 3 years and consists of courses and a thesis. The thesis is usually a collection of 3-4 articles. Through choices of issues and methods the student must demonstrate ability to independently conduct high quality research. Results from the thesis are normally published in international scientific journals.

Economic analysis is used to analyze a wide range of issues, both theoretically and empirically. Topics studied by our PhD-students include economic growth in Thailand and South Africa, how natural resources affect economic policy and civil war, the impact of school resources on student performance, the management of Atlantic salmon, how political institutions affect resource use and efficiency in the public sector, the adoption of cell phone, and the relationship between income and health.

Most of the PhD-candidates continue to do research at universities or other research institutions. The candidates are also attractive for public and private employers that make use of research in their operations.

Enrollment in the PhD-program requires documented financing of 3 years of studies. The main sources of financing are PhD-positions at the university or grants from the research council.


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