PhD programme in Language and Linguistics

PHd programme (doctoral education)

PhD programme in Language and Linguistics

– Programme structure

Programme structure

A PhD is a three-year study based on five years of higher education, including a master's degree or other equivalent education. The programme consists of a coursework component of 30 ECTS and a doctoral thesis.

The coursework and work on the doctoral thesis are done at the same time, but we recommend that you complete your coursework early on in the doctoral period. The coursework component must be completed and approved before you hand in your doctoral thesis.


Coursework component

The coursework component should contain scientific and methodological training at a high academic level to qualify for working on a doctoral thesis and ensure depth and breadth in your academic proficiency. The coursework component should contribute to you further developing an independent and reflective attitude to your own and others research, as well as help make you able to place the research in a larger context. 

Doctoral thesis

The PhD-thesis should be an independent piece of academic work that meets international standards with regard to ethical requirements, academic standards and method in the subject area. The thesis must contribute to the development of new scientific knowledge and must achieve a level meriting publication as part of the literature in its field.