PhD programme, 3 years


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NB! This study has been replaced by a new PhD program in Information Security and Communication Technology in 2019.

The PhD programme in telematics is standardized to 180 credits (3 years). The final plan for the PhD programme is designed in consultation with the candidate, the supervisor and the department depending on the thesis subject area, the current research and individual circumstances.

Educational Objectives


  • The candidate is at the forefront of knowledge in the dissertation’s subject area.
  • The candidate has advanced knowledge in the subject area related to his or her area of research.
  • The candidate has extensive knowledge of the telematics subject area as a whole.
  • The candidate has command of field research methods, and can assess the appropriateness of these methods in research and professional development within the field.


  • The candidate can formulate questions and plan research and academic development.
  • The candidate can use applicable subject area research methods to generate new knowledge, new theories and methods in an ethical manner.
  • The candidate can conduct research and development in the field at a high international level, and publish scientific papers in reputable conferences and journals.
  • The candidate can deal with complex technical questions and challenge established knowledge and practices in the field.

General Expertise

  • The candidate can identify relevant ethical issues and exercise their research with ethical and professional integrity.
  • The candidate can communicate research through recognized communication channels. This includes teaching at the master's and PhD level.
  • The candidate can assess the need for and initiate innovation within their field of study.

Subject areas

The PhD programme in telematics is academically related the research at the Department of Information Security and Communication Technology.

There is also cooperation between neighbouring departments.

In addition, interdisciplinary areas with a focus on telematics and society, and telecommunications economics are included. In cases where Item's  does not have the expertise in a required area of research, interdisciplinary collaboration with other NTNU departments (e.g. with IE-SIG) and / or with external institutions should be initiated.

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