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The Lysholm Library

Sverresgate 15, Trondheim
Phone: +47 73 55 94 55
Postal address: Høgskoleringen 1, 7491 Trondheim

Opening hours


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Visiting Special Collections at the Gunnerus Library

The Special Collections department is situated on the 2nd floor, reached by elevator or stairs. Please note that all visits...

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Special collections, Gunnerusbiblioteket

Kalvskinnsgt. 1B
Phone:  +47 918 97 859
Postal address: 7491 Trondheim

Opening hours - the...

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The Gunnerus Library

Kalvskinngt. 1B 
Phone: +47 73 59 22 05 / mobile: +47 918 97 462
E-mail: gunnbib@ub.ntnu
Postal address: 7491 Trondheim

Opening hours


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Events and exhibitions

The library regularly organizes exhibitions, lectures and debates in our facilities. We also collaborate with other actors at NTNU.

Fagsnakk is the...

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We have a collection of printed music including full scores, study scores, vocal scores, choral scores, orchestral material, chamber music, music for...

libraries - music - facilities

Listening rooms, group rooms and reading rooms

There are different types of study spaces spread around the library, adapted to different needs. You can sit on your own and work....

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Contact our libraries


Architecture and Civil Engineering Library
73 59 50 92
Staff at the...

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Online exhibitions

Below you will find online exhibition made by, or in cooperation with Dora Library. 

More online exhibitions by The University Library.

May days...

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Study spaces

The Dora Library is in the Dora Archive Centre, which has three rooms with 60 study spaces in total. Talking is allowed in the largest room. The smaller room...

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The Dora Library is a shared repository for the entire NTNU University Library and stores the oldest technical literature, print journals and newspapers, pictures and private...

libraries - gunnerus - events

The Gunnerus Library has many exciting events that are open to all:

courses in genealogy and local history

We often work together with the...

libraries - gunnerus - facilities

Group rooms and study spaces

We have 81 study spaces in the reading room for quiet study, and another 8 study spaces near the lending desk. In addition, we have 5 group...

libraries - gunnerus - collections

The Gunnerus Library is one of the most important cultural heritage libraries in the Nordic countries. Large collections of Norwegian, Nordic and European fiction and non-fiction...

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Taking photographs yourself: Photography without flash is permitted and you may use these images freely – with the correct reference to the source material. If you ordered...

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Reading room regulations and service statement


The reading room regulations apply to objects belonging to the Library’s special collections department. These objects...

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The Theatre Collection

The items in the Gunnerus library’s theatre collection dates back to the 18th century. The oldest part of the collection is Den Selmerske samling [The...

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Norway's documentary heritage

On behalf of UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register, the Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs has compiled a register of Norway’s documentary...

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Music Collection


The music collection consists of approximately 18,000 printed pieces as well as music manuscripts. From the 18th century, chamber music constitutes the core...

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We have more than 30,000 maps. About 350 of these are hand-drawn manuscript maps. The maps are searchable in Oria.

Search maps in Oria - refine your search to the...