4x4 Interval Training

Frequently Asked Questions


What is metabolic syndrome? How tiring should interval training really be? Should you push yourself to 100% during the last interval?  Can the elderly do strength training? Kan people with atrial flimmers do interval training? 

Answers to questions we often receive

CERG 7 week fitness program

Professor and leader of CERG, Ulrik Wisløff, runningWelcome to a 7-week journey towards improved fitness and better health. This program is for both those that hate and those who love to exercise. It is time efficient and gives a robust training effect for body and soul. The endurance activities that we describe below are walking or running. However, those words can be changed to swimming, cycling, rowing etc. as long as your activity involves dynamic work with large muscle groups. If running/walking – the aims become a bit easier to achieve if you do the exercise up an incline (not to steep).

We also refer to % of maximal heart rate but there is absolutely no need to use heart rate monitors – the effect of the training is similar with and without, but many find it motivating to use it. Also if you think progression is a bit too tough for you – use an extra week or two but make sure you complete the program. If you for one reason or another drop out of the program, just “go back” and “perform week-1” and then jump back into the program where you left it.