Background and activities

Research interests:

  • Winter maintenance of roads and runways
  • snow plowing, gritting and salting
  • Tire-snow/ice interaction (friction)


  • TBA4340 Rehabilitation and maintenance of roads (5th year MSc course)
  • BA6061 Maintenance and operation of roads (Experience based master program)
  • BA8617 Maintenance and operation of roads in cold climates (PhD course)

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Klein-Paste, Alex; Sinha, Nirmal K.; Norheim, Armann; Yager, Thomas J.. (2013) Friction, Ice, and Snow. Encyclopedia of Tribology.
  • Huseby, Arne; Klein-Paste, Alex; Bugge, Hans Jørgen. (2010) Assessing airport runway conditions—A Bayesian approach. Reliability, risk and safety : back to the future.


  • Wåhlin, Johan; Klein-Paste, Alex. (2013) The Effect of Common De-Icing Chemicals on Ice-Bond Formation in Compacted Snow. TRB 92nd Annual Meeting 2013 . Transportation Research Board; Washington DC. 2013-01-13 - 2013-01-17.
  • Klein-Paste, Alex; Wåhlin, Johan. (2010) Controlling the Properties of Thin Ice Layers on Pavement Surfaces - An Alternative Explanation for Anti-icing. 12th international conference on the Physics and Chemisty of Ice . Hokkaido University; Sapporo. 2010-09-05 - 2010-10-10.
  • Wåhlin, Johan; Klein-Paste, Alex. (2010) The effect of supercooling on the mechanical properties of thin saline ice layers. 12th International Conference on the Physics and Chemistry of Ice ; Sapporo. 2010-09-05 - 2010-09-10.