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  • Kaynia, Amir M.; Dimmock, Paul; Senders, M.. (2014) Earthquake Response of Pipelines on Submarine Slopes. Offshore Technology Conference 2014 (OTC 2014).
  • Huynh, Khoa D.V.; Kaynia, Amir M.. (2011) Erfaringer med jordskjelvdimensjonering av steinfyllinger. Eksempler fra Sørengautstikkeren / Experience with earthquake design of rock fill slopes. An example from the Sørenga harbor. Fjellsprengningsdagen, bergteknikk- og geoteknikkdagen 2011.
  • Bhasin, Rajinder Kumar; Abokhalil, M; Kaynia, Amir M.; Høeg, Kaare; Paul, D. K.; Pal, S.. (2010) Numerical simulations of earthquake effect in underground structures. Proceedings 14th Symposium on Earthquake Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology ITT, Roorkee 2010.

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