Ellen Foyn Bruun

Associate Professor Department of Art and Media Studies

+47 73591831 +47 46909646
Bygg 7, Dragvoll

Background and activities

Multilayered stories and encounters are focus in my practice whether I work in educational, therapeutic or artistic contexts. I am a practitioner-researcher interested in the performative human body as creative agent in and as part of the world. My NTNU world includes inovative cross-disciplinary practice across the humanities, arts and technology such as The Digital Storytelling project and recently through The Art & Technology Task Force. At The Department of Art and Media Studies I co-ordinate the research group Arts-based Rearch. My teaching and supervision at bachelor and master’s levels encompasses theatre production, dramaturgy, educational and therapeutic drama and theatre applied in multiple societal contexts. 

I am interested in how drama and performance practice relates to well-being and healthy psycho-physical self-regulation. I have joined the strategic research area NTNU Health (2014-2023). One of my research interests is the integration of voice work in drama practice. I am an Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework and active in several international networks for health-promoting arts practice, The British Association of DramatherapistsThe European Federation of Dramatherapists and European Consortium for Arts Therapies Education. In the national research project Drama - Theatre - Democracy (2014-2017) I focus on Norwegian theatre politics and audience participation. In collaboration with Danish UCC Zealand and Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Heli Aaltonen and I conduct a Nordplus funded project, Qualified Empathy and Aesthetic Learning (2015-2017). 



Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Bruun, Ellen Foyn; Wright, David Keir. (2013) Drama, Heart and Soul: Understanding the Relationship between the Unique Inner Voice, Heart Intelligence and the Intelligence of Feeling. Arts Therapies and the Intelligence of Feeling.
  • Bruun, Ellen Foyn. (2011) Es war einmal - Ich war nicht allein. Theater mit mir?! : "der geschützte Raum" : eine Konferenzdokumentation.
  • Bruun, Ellen Foyn. (2004) Brecht og det episke teater. Politisk teater - gensyn og genopdagelse?.


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